Snapback Retention System (SRS)

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Snapback Retention System (SRS) It's Made of Good Quality

I appreciate it the SRS but I have not had a chance to install the item on my lid yet for I am still in hospital and I do not have the tools to install it but the item seems like it would do the job that it is designed to do and that is too relieve the lower neck of stress.

Eric H.

Average product and way to expensive with shipping

Christopher S.

Super unimpressed. Total cost of this item shipped was $33. Feels flimsy and I’m not confident it will last more than a few months. Also not comfortable.

Hey Christopher, thank you for the review. Please give it a bit of time, think you will like it after some use. If not though, let us know!

Stacker A.
Snap back to life

Making John Wayne’n safe again! Gives my helmet a super snug fit & I’ve lost the fear of breaking the bridge of my nose when my NVGs are on.

Devon B.
Fixes the jiggle!

Love the HHV helmet but there was noticeable jiggle to it. This is a cost efficient solution that makes the helmet fit nice and snug. I like cost effective equipment that I can upgrade if I have the disposable income to do so. HHV fits into that category.

The Snapback Retention System or SRS was designed to give the user's of our X-Pad Magnetic Chin-strap system the additional circumference adjustment for an even more secure fit. Especially beneficial when using night vision devices.

Our goal when designing the SRS was to create a simplified alterative to the dial retention systems on the market. It needed to retrofit into customers current systems, and we didn't want it to cost $100 extra like our competitors charge. Following the mantra of KISS (Keep it simple stupid) the SRS came to be.