Frquently asked questions

The Most Commonly Asked Questions About Our Ballistic Helmets And Accessories Can Be Found Here!

General Questions

Yes! We offer discounts on our ballistic helmets; please email us atinfo@hardheadveterans.comwith proof of service. Either photo ID or email from your work address!

Yes! Please emailinfo@hardheadveterans.comwith the number of items you need and a member of our sales team will get back to you!

Yes! Please emailinfo@hardheadveterans.comfor our current T&E program details.

Yes! Though we are very particular about any companies, we partner with. To keep the price reasonable for our service providers we do not build in a dealer markup. Dealer purchases are based on the same bulk order discounts we offer.

Any international orders require an export license. We only consider bulk orders, and all ITAR regulations and licensing apply when it comes to ballistic helmets. Please email William (Bill) Fore,bill@hardheadveterans.comfor international order requests.

Ballistic Helmet Questions

A ballistic helmet is any helmet that is capable of stopping ballistic projectiles, be it fragmentation or bullets. Modern ballistic helmets are typically made from aramid or polyethylene fibers.

Yes! Most helmets are rated to NIJ IIIA which will defeat .44 magnum bullets. Some companies have started offering up-armor appliques that increase protection for rifle bullets.

You will want to follow specific manufacturer instructions on how to set up the padding system and chin-strap adjustments for ballistic helmet wear.

Most ballistic helmets have manufacturer warranties of 5 to 10 years. After this expires the helmet should be replaced as fibers may break down and degrade from use and environmental exposure.

Most ballistic helmets are made by forming layers of fibers in a mold and pressed together. Various accessories such as pads, chin-straps, and rails are then added.

Each manufacturer will have their own sizing chart, typically based on the user's head circumference, or hat size.

Is subject to user specific needs with price, protection, weight, and features all factoring in. Checkout this ​Best Ballistic Helmet visual guide​for more information!

In the United States you can buy a ballistic helmet through various online sites such as this one, or through your local tactical store.

Most ballistic helmets will not stop 5.56 rifle bullets. With additional up-armor appliques like the Hard Head Veterans 7.62 applique though, 5.56 and even 7.62X39 bullets are defeated.

Yes! We exceed them and always challenge customers to compare our data to that of any of our competitors before purchasing. NIJ lab results can be found by clicking the "NIJ Testing" tab on any product pages.

Yes! Part of our quality control procedures requires this.

We manufacture our shells overseas ​utilizing fibers from leading companies such as DuPont and Teijin.

Yes! Our ballistic helmets are backed by a10-year warranty.

Yes! Most State and Federal Contracts require this!

We suggest going up a size if you are right on the edge. This will allow for extra padding in the future or if you wear any additional gear under your helmet.

Helmet Accessories Questions

Yes! These pads are designed to fit in just about any helmet. ACH, MICH, LWH, Crye Precision, Ops-Core, MTEK, Revision, Gentex, BAE, United Shield, and most others that utilize Velcro® attachment.

Due to the memory foam that we use in these pads, they will harden in colder temperatures. In testing at 0 °C / 32 °F it will take 3-4 minutes of wear time to return to their optimal comfort.

Yes, our covers will fit the most of highcut helmet styles or FAST helmets.

Yes, our ballistic helmet bag is designed to fit the majority of helmets on the market.

Purchasing & Shipping

Yes! Please email usinfo@hardheadveterans.comwith your order information to receive an official quote from our sales team. Once we have a signed PO from your department, we will process the order.

We average between 3-5 days; occasionally we may get behind due to influxes in bulk orders. We do put precedence on orders for our service providers.

Yes! You will receive an automated email with tracking information!

We have a standard shipping policy to keep things simple. Individual orders ship UPS 2-3 day ground or USPS Priority.

Please email us, and we will get you taken care of!

Please email us, also we only accept returns within 30 days of receipt of shipment. They must be in original condition and packaging.