A3S Lite Helmet Shroud (Adaptive 3-Hole Shroud)

The A3S Lite Shroud weighs 32 grams and is the lightest on the market. With integrated rubber bumpers and machined aerospace aluminum inserts. This ensures zero play with the most common mounts and a solid connection.

Customer Reviews

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Michael J.
A3s lite shroud

Great shroud 10/10 very light very nice lockup with the g24 only reason it gets 4stars is the paint chipped just barely when I installed it. It's ok though, rattle can go brrrr

Brandon S.
Helmet shroud

Its a great product fit our previous holes without trouble fits our mounts without trouble and all around a greqt upgrade so far i have liked it a lot.

Luke L.C.
An upgrade from Ballistic Armor Co shroud!

After finding out that my ballistic armor co helmet shroud was out of spec and wouldn't fit my norotos rhino 2 mount I got this shroud as an upgrade. I think it will be a notable addition for anyone looking for an upgrade. With my rhino mount it does move a tiny bit, but only when pulling your nods up or down, won't affect how you use your nods. I would recommend for sure.


The A3S Shroud works with the most common NVG mounts. Such as the Wilcox L4 series, or Norotos RHINO's along with many others.


The fitment between the shroud and mount should be secure with minimal wiggle. Mount should not pop off when force is applied unless released. Most new mounts also come with a break-away feature that when engaged, will allow the mount to pop off the shroud when force is applied. Make sure to test your mount and shroud connection.


Shroud maintenance is straightforward and easy. Ensure to keep the shroud clean and free of debris. If needed rinse with fresh water, and brush out any debris. A toothbrush works great for this. Check mounting hardware to ensure tightness between the tactical helmet shell and the mount itself.