Rail Adapter Kit -Fits ARC, Peltor, 3M, and other helmet headsets.


Rail Adapter Kit -Fits ARC, Peltor, 3M, and other helmet headsets.

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Very thin steel wiring. Ear pro falls off because of it (dimple in steel is not pronounced.)
Steel wiring also bends when trying to rotate your ear pro out of the way.
I never leave bad reviews, I usually just bite the bullet if I purchase bad products. If they would not have asked me leave a review I would not have

Hi Pal, we actually appreciate the bad reviews as much as the good ones! Few questions, what headset are you using these with? The wire .dia is designed to be used with OEM headsets like peltors, and shouldn't slide off. There are some knock off brands that use a different .dia plastic insert that have caused us problems before.

Works great for Impact Sport HP

Howard Leight Impact Sport mounts up easily and secure to ATE bump with this kit. HHV has not let me down.

Rail Adapter Kit -Fits ARC, Peltor, 3M, and other helmet headsets.

The Rail Adapter Kit will work with most rail types such as Ops-Core ARC rails or M-LOK type rails. They allow the user to seamlessly integrate hearing protection headsets or communications systems (headset guide) directly onto helmet rails. This eliminates the need for an uncomfortable strap underneath the helmet that eventually creates hotspots and headaches. 

Our goal when designing the  was to create a headset adapter that minimized the overall profile of the entire tactical helmet headset system. This required the use of lightweight aluminum and glass filled nylon parts to get the strength, durability, and rotation we needed from the adapters. The end result is a ballistic helmet adapter that is 80% slimmer than the next competitor. We have recently updated the as well to feature built in wire springs to facilitate easier rotation of headsets when not in use! Along with pre-bending wires!  



  • 3M Peltor Headsets 
  • Majority of Howard Leight Earmuffs
  • MSA Sordin & most Safariland Liberator models (Requires these Adapters)
  • Most other headsets that utilize a metal wire connection to the headset.

What Comes with the Rail Adapter Kit:

  • Pair (2 units) of Adapter Mounts
  • Pair (2 units) of ARC/Dovetail type rail adapters
  • Pair (2 units) Metal Wire Mounts

Installation & Use Tips

  • Wires can be bent to work for various headsets and to achieve different pressure against the side of the head.
  • The entire system rotates, so headsets can be rotated out of the way when not in use. *If you are rotating often, use a small amount of thread-locker on the bolt threads to keep the system from becoming lose* 
  • They come assembled and ready to use for M-LOK type rails. If using ARC/Dovetail type rails, you will need a Hex key to switch out the back plate with the included adapter.  

Product Description

Helmet Rail Adapters

Effective communication is crucial in military combat environments and law enforcement tactical operations — and that means you need to equip your helmets with headsets and microphones.

If you use a helmet in the field, you'll likely need rails and adapters to attach your essential headset systems and devices. Hard Head Veterans can supply your organization or agency with helmet rail adapters compatible with MSA Sordin and Safariland Liberator products. You'll have peace of mind knowing that your mission-critical communications devices will remain secure even during extreme battlefield conditions.

About Our Sordin Headset Rail Adapters

Our MSA/Sordin helmet adapters offer a practical solution for securing your headsets. You can easily slide them over the wires found in most helmet-mounted adapters. Each kit also includes four mounts and four screws for completing the installation process. All you'll need is a set of .038-inch Lange 3485 pliers to handle the job.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Sordin Headset Adapter With Your Comms Equipment?

These helmet rail adapters offer a host of user benefits, including:

  • Comfort: The lightweight, streamlined design helps alleviate the headaches and discomfort that often result from wearing headsets under a helmet in a combat setting. You can even keep existing helmet pads in place.
  • Easy installation: You can complete the Sordin rail adapter and headset installation process yourself quickly and with minimal tools and equipment.
  • Flexible use: Conditions can change rapidly on the battlefield. These adapters give you the mobility to swing the headset's microphone up and down without hindering visibility or other essential battlefield functions.
  • Versatility: These adapters are compatible with a wide range of headsets. You can interchange our adapters with other devices and still get the performance and functionality you need.
  • Affordability: Helmet rail adapters are among the most affordable accessories we offer. You can pay for yours in installments to make your purchase easier on your budget.

If you have concerns about installing your Sordin headset rail adapters, we recommend viewing our informative video for easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions.

Why Choose Us as Your Helmet and Accessories Supplier?

Hard Head Veterans is proud to be a veteran-owned and operated small business focusing on designing, manufacturing and distributing the best helmets and accessories on the market. Our specialized expertise combined with our real-world experience — we're current and former military and law enforcement members — enables us to provide equipment solutions that meet our buyers' unique needs. Our unwavering focus on quality means you can trust our products to perform in the heat of battle.

At HHV, we also believe that superior military equipment and lifesaving gear should be affordable for those who need them. We strive to keep our prices low so that organizations like yours don't have to compromise team safety due to budget restrictions.

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