Ultralight Ballistic Helmet Comparison Guide

Battle of the ultralight ballistic helmets. When weight is of the utmost importance only ultralight ballistic helmets will do. However, like any armor there are sacrifices to be made with each ounce saved.

Basic Overview

System Weight: Large

2.45 lbs

2.40 lbs

2.37 lbs

2.49 lbs

Square Coverage *Note square coverage has a large impact on weight*

148 in2 (955 cm2

Data not shown

Data not shown

Resistance to Penetration

Fragmentation Performance: 17. Gr FSP

2500 ft/s (762 m/s)

2297 ft/s (700 m/s)

2398 ft/s (731 m/s)

2200 ft/s (671 m/s)

Backface Deformation: *Note some test at 1400 ft/s and others at 1195 ft/s*

Additional Testing .40 S&W 5.5mm and 16.6mm .45 Auto 14.4mm and 16.5mm

9mm @ 23.4mm (Crown), 27.1mm (Sides), 29mm (Front), and 19.1mm (Rear)

9mm BFD < 25.4 mm all locations

Not tested or data not shown

9mm @ 1195 ft/s 22.9mm (Crown), 20.7mm (Sides), 12.6mm (Front), and 20.9mm (Rear)

Blunt Impact Performance

AR/PD 10-02 Rev. A (exact data not given)

AR/PD 10-02 Rev. A (exact data not given)

AR/PD 10-02 Rev. A (exact data not given)

AR/PD 10-02 Rev. A (avg 78.8 G)

Helmet Warranty

5-Year Shell & 1-Year Components

5-Year Shell & 1-Year Components

Data not shown

7-Year Shell & 3-Year Components

Place of Manufacture






ATE_Lite is an ultralight ballistic helmet without the drawbacks of decreased safety performance found in other ultralight ballistic helmets.

An Ultralight Ballistic Helmet Without Sacrificing Safety Performance

  • Single digit deformation (BFD) numbers at full velocities (Avg. 8.27mm)
  • NIJ IIIA, up to .44 Magnum with a .17gr V50 of 2463 ft/s
  • Avg. less than 70.2 G’s during blunt impact due to Micro Lattice Pads
  • 1.6 lbs helmet shell while providing almost 15% more coverage at 170 in2 than competitors.
  • Anticipated MSRP $1264.00
  • Made in the USA