HHV Comfort PLUS Military Helmet Pads (For FAST, MICH, ACH,ECH)

Here's the deal: Anyone who has issued military helmet pads knows the fatigue, hot spots, and overall discomfort caused by poorly designed combat helmet pads. Now HHV's Comfort PLUS Ballistic Helmet Pads not only bring a new level of comfortability but protection as well. We utilize a 2 layer system inside our pads. The first layer designed for added blunt and impact resistance. While the second comfort layer is comprised of a proprietary memory foam layer that provides all-day comfort. The pads are then covered in moisture wicking fabric. Want to know the best part? HHV helmet pads fit FAST, MICH, and ACH or ECH helmets.

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Joe W.
Amazing comfort lack luster durability

Just replaced my issued ACH pads with these. I had issues with the issued pads becoming cold and my helmet wouldn't fit right on my head. Installed with HHV pads and it fit like a glove and was super comfortable and I actually enjoyed wearing my ach. But when tweaking fit the fabric pad housing tore a bit exposing the pad. It is still usable but just would expect a little more durability out of a product geared for vets or people operating with helmets.

Hi Joe, please shoot us an email with which pad you tore, and we can get you a replacement! When re-positioning these make sure to lift them up from the bottom. The breathable fabric is great but is prone to tearing if not lifted up from the bottom!

Aiden F.
Comfort plus

Took a field opp or two to break in but they eventually fit to your head way above expected, highly recommended

Marlon M.

HHV Comfort PLUS Military Helmet Pads (For FAST, MICH, ACH,ECH)

Neil H.
HHV comfort plus pads

I actually fitted these into my team wendy exfil carbon, it had factory pads to begin with and they were hard, I switched em out and it feels great, pads are soft and fit well. My only improvement would be a more rigid backer where the velcro interfaces the helmet.

Blunt Impact Uni-Axial Tests with ATE® Ballistic Helmet

  • AR/PD 10-02 dictates a Maximum Peak G of 150 G.

  • HHV Comfort PLUS™ Helmet Pads: AVG of 8 Impacts, 72.6 G.

Backface Deformation with Comfort PLUS™ Pads, tested with ATE® Ballistic Helmet

  • BFD: Avg less than 14mm all locations (front/back/crown/sides)

HHV Comfort PLUS™ Helmet Pads Compatability

  • ACH, MICH, LWH, ECH, Crye Precision, Ops-Core, MTEK, Revision, Gentex, BAE, United Shield, and most others that utilize Velcro® attachment.