Our Story

Iraq, 2008, a Naval Special Warfare Task Force was struggling with their communication headsets being compressed underneath their standard-issue MICH helmets. High-cut ballistic helmet solutions that could accommodate headsets were just starting to come out but were a long way from making it into supply chains. Some opted to wait, some modified what they had, and some spent a month of their salary to get the helmet they needed. This is where the concept for Hard Head Veterans was born.

Our company was founded on the experience that all too often the gear needed is not what is supplied. As a result, many individuals end up spending thousands of dollars on supplying themselves with equipment that should have been issued to them in the first place. We knew that there had to be a better way.

Company History

Through technical advice from the world's leading ballistic fiber suppliers such as DuPont and Teijin, we launched the ATE GEN1- a ballistic helmet that utilized high-end aramid fibers from these companies to achieve impressively high results. Shells were pressed overseas, and we assembled with off-the-shelf helmet accessories from other companies to complete them.

We quickly discovered that using off-the-shelf components brought several problems such as patent/licensing, design limitations, and supply chain issues. With this in mind, we invested in our own design team and created our own components. Furthermore, we started working toward having A-Z in-house manufacturing capabilities by purchasing a manufacturing plant in Sweetwater, Texas. Currently, we offer a growing list of protective products and, more importantly, we employ a growing number of US veterans to make these products.

As veterans, we get what you do. We grew up in hard-working, proud American families. We know what it's like to raise your hand, swear an oath, and put those around you before yourself. We know what it's like to rely on your gear with your life.

When you reach out to us you are talking to someone who knows what's like to wear a helmet for 16+ hours of hard manual work. We know the issues intimately, have solved them, and are excited to help out.

Products that were designed to last used to be the norm in America. We still believe in this, and it's why we offer a 10-Year to even Lifetime Warranty on various products.

We utilize veteran and law enforcement-run businesses from accounting to marketing! These companies and individuals are the main reason our business has been so successful! We will forever be indebted to all of them. From the guys and gals wearing our tactical helmets and sending us fantastic content to the ones that keep our books in order, or the ones that continually network and help get our product out there, we can't thank you all enough!


Hard Head Veterans is always looking for individuals and companies who are interested in working with us from product development/production to content creation. If you are a hard-headed veteran or anyone with an interest in joining our team, please reach out at info@hardheadveterans.com. We also post jobs to LinkedIn and other social media sites.

Plant Manufacturing Technicians

Content Creators

Ballistic Armor Procurement Specialists, International, Federal & State

Sales Representatives (Experience wearing tactical helmets is required; MIL or LEO)

Have a skillset you think we need? Then reach out to us!


You choose us and we are humbled to provide our service to you. Whether you are a soldier or officer wearing our ballistic helmets or a construction worker building America wearing one of our hard hats, we know we are supporting a mission that resonates deeply with us, through you. It's our customers that stand for everything we hold most dear. This is our American way of life. The freedoms that we enjoy every day are because of a select few that choose to stand firm against tyranny and injustice. So again, thank you for the reviews, support, and advice. More importantly, though, thank you for taking the stand, thank you for protecting what we all hold dear.