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Tactical Helmets Are What We Do!

Here's the deal, Hard Head Veterans is a veteran owned and operated small business selling tactial ballistic helmets like MICH helmets to the men and women who need them the most. We are veterans of the United States’ most current conflicts, and many of us continue to serve our country today through reserve or contracting roles. Every single member of our team is connected to the military or law enforcement, making us uniquely qualified to better understand and serve the needs of our customers.


Our company was founded on the belief that, too often, cost and administrative bureaucracy result in necessary gear not getting into the right hands until it’s too late. As a result, many individuals end up spending thousands of dollars on supplying themselves with equipment that should have been given to them in the first place. We knew that there had to be a better way.


What we do

The goal for all of us here at Hard Head Veterans is to make effective, fully NIJ tested ballistic helmets more affordable and accessible for the people who need them. From the warfighter to the police officer to the ordinary citizen, no one should be without the quality protection he or she wants and deserves.

We understand that budgets are tight. As part of our commitment to increasing access to ballistic helmets, we’ve done everything in our power to ensure quality protection at a reasonable price. Whether you’re working with a federal budget, state budget, or just your budget, money is often in short supply, but it shouldn’t keep men and women from getting the tactical helmet that could potentially save their life.

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Quality and safety always come first when it comes to the purchase of a military helmet. Our helmets are intended to fit a tight budget without making any sacrifices regarding safety or quality. We know from our own experience that every tactical helmet user has their individual specific needs, so we’ve designed a helmet that is compatible almost across the board with products from other manufacturers.

Our most popular helmet is the ATE Ballistic Helmet, which is an entry-level helmet designed to offer protection in a range of situations, including training and combat. Made from DuPont Kevlar, the ATE Ballistic Helmet, available in both above the ear and high cut design, is a lightweight, affordable helmet for members of the armed forces, police officers, and private security contractors.

Weighing in at less than 3lbs, our customers like the ATE for its ability to offer maximum protection without any adverse effects on speed, control, or comfort. It comes with injection molded side rails that allow for the easy mounting of most helmet-borne accessories, regardless of the manufacturer, as well as Slow Rebound Memory Foam padding. The ATE also comes complete with two Picatinny adapters, one single clamp flashlight holder, and one Surefire X300 adapter.

Our BTE (MICH/ETC) Ballistic Helmet is just a bit heavier, weighing in at anywhere between 2.8lbs and 3.3lbs, depending on the size. Like the ATE, the MICH Helmet is made from DuPont Kevlar and specially designed to provide protection without sacrificing usability or comfort. It features two-way adjustable rear support and an adjustable chin strap, as well as a positional Slow Rebound Memory Foam padding.

In addition to our tactical bump helmet the "ATE" and MICH Helmets, we also sell a select range of tactical helmet accessories, including HHV ATE Ballistic Helmet Covers, HHV Custom Plus Helmet Pads, and an HHV Protective Helmet Bag. Our accessories, like our helmets, are designed to provide users with the best protection possible without cutting any corners when it comes to comfort.

Our Team Is Much More Than The Empolyess Of Hard Head Veterans

We Utilize Veteran And Law Enforcement Run Businesses From Accounting To Marketing!

These companies and individuals are the main reason our ballistic helmet business has been so successful! We will forever be indebted to all of them. From the guys and gals wearing our tactical helmets and sending us fantastic content to share, to the ones that keep our books in order, or the ones that continually network and help get our product out there we can't thank you all enough!

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We Have A Great Team Here At HHV, But We Can't Forget Our Awesome Customers Either.

Thank you for all the reviews, support, and advice!

Fast ballistic helmets and fast helmet accessories are sold just about everywhere now. You guys as our customers choose us though and we are humbled to be able to provide our tactical helmets and associated gear to the military and law enforcement communities. It's our customers that protect everything we hold most dear. This is our American way of life. The freedoms that we enjoy every day are because of a select few that choose to stand firm against tyranny and injustice. If we can help that stand by providing tactical helmets and other force multiplying gear we consider it our duty as well. So again, thank you for the reviews, support, and advice. More importantly though, thank you for taking the stand, thank you for protecting what we all hold dear.

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Hard Head Veterans is always looking for individuals and companies who are interested in working with us from tactical helmet product development to content creation. If you are a hard-headed vet, or anyone with interest in ballistic helmets we want to hear from you. Let us know what you are looking for, and how we can help each other! Hard Head Veterans primary goal is getting quality ballistic helmets into the hands of those that need them the most. All at a reasonable cost. Click the Make Comms Tab in the toolbar or email us at info@hardheadveterans.com!  

People & Companies We Are Always Looking For

  • Content Creators
  • Ballistic Armor Procurement Specialists, International, Federal & State
  • Sales Representatives (Experience wearing tactical helmets is required; MIL or LEO)
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Have a skillset you think we need? Then reach out to us!

Our customers deserve the best we can give them in tactical helmets and ballistic gear, this also extends to the customer service that we provide. If you are team orientated we look forward to hearing from you!  

Product Compatibility

Our popular ATE Ballistic Helmet was specifically created to meet the needs of servicemen and servicewomen, police officers, and private security contractors in varied tactical situations, but we understand that every individual has their personal preference when it comes to their protective gear. That’s why we’ve made it easy to pair the ATE Helmet with liners and accessories from other manufacturers, as well as third-party products. Though the ATE Helmet comes with its own high-quality shroud, liner, pads, rails, and other accessories, should you want to swap them out, you’ll find it simple to do so.

To learn more about the ATE Helmet’s compatibility and our recommended manufacturers, visit our Compatibility Recommendations page.

Quality Assurance

You can’t afford to take chances when it comes to a bulletproof helmet, nor should you have to spend big to get adequate protective gear. We take quality and safety very seriously, and we test our products right here in the United States at certified NIJ labs.

It’s vital to both you and our company that our quality control and testing adequately audits all of our products. That’s why we randomly test each batch of gear that we produce to ensure that the protection offered is meeting – and exceeding – stated standards, and why each helmet must pass a demanding quality control check before it is shipped to a customer. If you would like to view a testing report, send us an email, and we’ll be happy to provide one. You can also see testing reports on the product pages for the ATE Helmet and the MICH Helmet.

To make sure that each army helmet we sell meets a rigorous set of safety standards, we only source our materials from a small network of trusted and approved manufacturers. Our sourced parts come from Asia, Europe, and the States, and are brought together in the U.S. for assembling, testing, and certification. We use American materials for our helmet shells and have them produced overseas.

Don’t Wait – Buy The Protective Gear You Need Today

There are some purchases you can put off, but the perfect tactical helmet isn’t one of them. Our goal is to bring the best protective safety gear available to our fellow patriotic Americans, and we’re dedicated to providing you with the equipment you need at a price you can afford. We invite you to explore our products and learn more about how Hard Head Veterans can supply you with a safe and comfortable ballistic helmet at a lower cost than the other guys.

Have questions? Send us an email, and we’ll be in touch to help you out.