Ballistic Face Shield | NIJ IIIA

The HHV Ballistic Face Shield provides ballistic & fragmentation protection for your ATE ballistic helmet. Commonly referred to as a bulletproof visor, it's rated up to .44 Magnum They mount directly to the ATE M-LOK slots for a secure bolted connection to the tactical helmet.

Customer Reviews

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Roger D.
Love it

Minor scratch on full face shield but overall awesome

Great Shield!

So I got this when it was first released, it's heavy, but it's worth it, it can save your life! I can't move it up because I also have the extra 7.62 front plate. It's a tank! but in a shtf , and you're defending your house, this is a perfect addition.

Joshua F.
Does not fit my helmet

The brackets fit loose on the helmet even when I am using the biggest spacers. The back **** brackets do not make contact with the helmet.
My helmet size is a medium.
I am going to leave this as a one star until Hard Hat Veterans reaches out to me.

Please shoot us some photos of the issues and we will get you squared away!

Eric H.
Good enough I guess.

When it arrived the plastic film was scratched up on both sides. I took the plastic film off and saw minor scratches. The bracket was slightly bent and it wasn't packaged very well. They put it in the same box as my ballistic helmet.

Anna B.

We received our products! This company did come through with our order! I liked that they kept in contact until our order was received!!!Awesome Products, awesome Company! 5 Stars for sure!!!!

Product Description

This bulletproof visor is designed for increased threats where full-face ballistic coverage is required. It provides increased protection not only for blunt impact but up to NIJ IIIA protection. 9mm-.44 Magnum.

Multiple sized M-LOK spacers are included to use for adjustment to your specific sized helmet.


  • Tested to NIJ IIIA - .44 magnum
  • Weight: 2.3 lbs"


Housing and all mounting hardware

  • 1X Full Face Shield
  • 2X each sized spacer
  • 4X M5x12 mm bolts for use on stacked spacers