MICH/ECH HHV BTE® Ballistic Helmet

Hard Head Veterans

MICH Helmet NIJ Level IIIA Ballistic Helmet with Below The Ear. The HHV BTE® Ballistic Helmet has become the standard for Military, Law Enforcement, and Security Personnel.
The BTE® Ballistic Helmet shell is made from DuPont™ Kevlar®. The Helmet offers significant weight savings, with the BTE® weighing in at 2.60 - 3.3 lbs. We offer this BTE helmet in a basic configuration for single purchases, but can offer shrouds, and other upgrades on bulk purchases. 



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  • NIJ Level IIIA (according to NIJ STD 0106.01 / 0108.01) (Tested 9mm, 357, and .44 magnum)


  • (ACH Specification CO/PD-05-04): <150Gs


  • Fragment Performance: 17gr V50 ≥ 2400 ft/sec (731 m/s)


  • Exceeds current ACH Blunt Impact Protection requirements (per AR/PD 10-02)




Medium Large Large/XL
Head/Hat Size (US)

Up to 7 1/4

7 1/4 - 7 3/4 7 3/4 - 8 1/4 8 1/4 and up
Head Circumference (in) Up to 21 1/4 21 1/4 - 22 1/2 22 1/2 - 23 1/2 23 1/2 and up
Weights  2.80 LBS
2.91 LBS
3.08 LBS
3.30 LBS

MICH helmets are a crucial addition to your protective gear. You don’t want to take any chances when it comes to head protection. Any blunt or ballistic impact to this vulnerable body part can result in severe consequences, including injury, impairment, and even death. It’s not a risk you should be willing to take, which is why we recommend that any individual in the armed forces, law enforcement, or private security sector – be it active duty or training – take the necessary steps to protecting their head. The best way to do that? A ballistic helmet! 

Today’s modern military helmets are more advanced than ever and are created with protection, comfort, and durability in mind. You’ll find that now more than ever it’s quick and easy to get your hands on an ACH helmet that can keep you safe and comfortable, no matter the situation. Here at Hard Head Veterans, we offer two great options that will check off all the necessities – and then some.

The HHV BTE (MICH/ECH) Ballistic Helmet

Superior protection doesn’t have to come at a steep cost. This enhanced combat helmet is priced better than anything you’ll find from our competitors, meaning you’ll get all the protection you need without having to drain your bank account. The MICH helmet (Modular Integrated Communications Helmet) features a below the ear design that offers complete head coverage and is ideal for most members of the military and law enforcement, as well as private security contractors. Our customers choose it for its safety, versatility, comfort, and unbeatable price.

This ECH helmet comes with a range of key features that set it apart from the competition, including a shell made from DuPont Kevlar, two-way adjustable rear support and adjustable chin strap, and re-positionable Slow Rebound Memory Foam padding that keeps the helmet snug and prevents fatigue and hot spots. It also boasts superior ballistic performance, backface deformation, and fragment performance, and has tested at blunt impact performance at levels that exceed current ACH blunt impact protection requirements. It’s available in tan, black, and OD green, and we also offer white and red matte for bulk fire and EMS purchases.


Quality Testing

Low cost and fancy features don’t mean anything if safety standards aren’t being met. We are highly dedicated to quality control, and in order to ensure our gear passes muster, we test all of our products right here in the United States at National Techincal Systems which is a certified NIJ lab. Every single BTE (MICH/ECH) Ballistic Helmet that we ship out to our customers must pass a demanding quality control check. If it doesn’t pass, it’s not shipped. 

Each batch of gear produced by Hard Head Veterans is randomly tested in order to ensure that the protection we are offering both meets and exceeds stated standards. To help make sure this is the case, we only purchase our materials from a limited network of trusted and approved manufacturers in Asia, Europe, and the United States, and we then bring all the material together in the U.S. for assembling, testing, and certification. Our helmet shells are made from American materials and produced overseas.


This is an ITAR controlled item and cannot be shipped outside of the United States without the proper DDTC licensing.

Our ballistic gear is subject to any and all restrictions concerning civilian ownership of ballistic equipment. Body armor cannot be owned or sold to persons convicted of a felony. Residents of Connecticut are prohibited from buying Body Armor online (unless the buyer is a police officer, Police Department, or military). We cannot ship to Connecticut.