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Micro Lattice Pad set for helmets
Micro Lattice Pad ballistic helmet
Micro Lattice Pad set for tactical helmet
Micro Lattice Pad set render
Micro Lattice Pad set cut-away on head
Micro Lattice Pad set for helmets on head
Micro Lattice Pad set with velcro patch
Micro Lattice Pads video
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$ 194.00
3/4" Thick
1" Thick
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Customer Reviews

Based on 221 reviews
Heath F.
Lattice Helmet Pads

I don’t know how I ever wore a helmet without this product… it is a game changer. So comfortable.

Tobin S.
Micro Lattice Kevlar Pads

The pads I got issued where hard and gave me splitting headaches but the HHV micro lattice pads are extremely comfortable and much more breathable, I actually want to wear my Kevlar now.

HHV Micro Lattice Helmet Pads

After over 30 years of military service and years of recreational shooting, wearing all kinds of helmets, these are probably the best pads I've worn inside a helmet. They are comfortable, keep your noggin cool, and easy to clean after a hot, sweaty day at the range. They are unique. I love these pads and highly recommend if you're willing to pay some extra dollars.


I highly recommend this upgrade if you operate in a hot, humid environment. The breathable mesh it nice.

James W.
Price gouging at it's worst.

**I do not own these, so take my review as you will.** No way they are charging $194 for these. There's just no way. These tactical companies are out of control. They come up with something they think is innovative and throw an astronomical price on it.. as much as they think they can possibly get out of you. They prey on the fact that you are buying on the motto "would you trust you life with it", so you are willing to pay any price because you think it's the best you can get. R&D aside, I bet they have less than $3 in making each of these. I really wanted them but I refuse to get price gouged. I'll just get a set of the memory foam ones for less than 50 bucks and deal with the sweat. Greedy ****, hhv and team wendy both.

Hi JW, we would love it if we could produce these for less, but unforutantley the tech required to make these is much more expensive!

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