Ballistic Helmet ATE® HHV

Ballistic Helmet NIJ Level IIIA with Above The Ear (ATE) or high cut design. The HHV ATE® GEN2 Ballistic Helmet offers the ideal ballistic helmets for Law Enforcement, Military, and Private Security Contractors. The ATE® GEN 2 Ballistic Helmet shell is pressed with American made fibers overseas in China. Providing best in class protection at an affordable price. Our high-cut helmet offers significant weight savings, with the ATE® weighing in at 3.00 lbs.

What’s Included
-Initial Impact Padding System
-Customizable Comfort Padding System
-A3S Night Vision Shroud
-M-LOK Mounting Rails
-Quick Attach/Detach Fidlock Suspension System
-Velcro Mounting Panels
-10 Year Shell Performance Guarantee

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  • $500 off Night Vision from NVD

  • $260 off body armor from Adept Armor

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1230 reviews
Walter W.

Ballistic Helmet ATE® HHV

Solid piece of gear.....but

Okay, great piece of kit. I ordered a large. It's great that HHV includes two sets of liner pads. It helps do some tweaking to the fit. The issue I encountered was the helmet was perfect fit. The chin strap not so much, just too small for my bucket head. I informed HHV and they sent out an XXL replacement ASAP. Now comes a bit of minor saltiness on my part. The screws to remove the chin harness on the rear of the helmet were under the velcro. This velcro and it's adhesive are no joke.I jokingly told my friend that the velcro and glue might add another NIJ level.A job that I thought would take 5 mins took 30.You cant just peel this stuff back.So I tried to surgically cut it with a box cutter. Nope and scratched **** out of the helmet, and the screws are covered in adhesive and fuzz. I'm camo painting it myself, so no harm. Really no big deal, but if you think you might need a bigger chin strap, let HHV install it. Amazing customer service and great product.

Proper Fit


  • Start by wrapping a measuring tape around the circumference of your head, just above your ears and eyebrows. Where the tape overlaps is your measurement.
  • No measuring tape? No problem! Use a piece of string to mark the overlap, then measure the string.
  • Use the size chart to find where your optimal tactical helmet size should be.
  • Also, don't worry if you choose the wrong size. We offer an easy exchange policy!

Size Chart

S < 20 1/4"
M 20 1/4" - 23 1/2"
L 23 1/2" - 24 3/4"
XL > 24 3/4"