Night Vision Mounts for Helmets Guide

starBest Bang For Your Buck
WILCOX L4 G24 MOUNT $462.00
WILCOX L4 G02 MOUNT $1330.00
Bottom Line

While the cons are significant, The RHNO still deserves a place on our list. This night vision mount is affordable and performs well. With used price points below $50, and an abundance of these sitting on the market, it would be neglectful to exclude it from our list. If you need an economical night vision mount immediately, consider the Norotos USGI RHNO Mount Arm.

Overall, the TATM is a beast. We cannot overstate how extremely lightweight these night vision head mounts are. If you have ever worn night vision optics for an entire night mission, you know every ounce on your neck feels like a pound the longer you wear it. The TATM's titanium build creates a lot of comfort for the warfighter. The only real drawback is the need for a dovetail adapter to use many modern night vision optics.

The RHNO II receives our highest recommendation for a night vision head mounting system if you are on a budget. With the dovetail system already being included, and with some second-hand units under $100, it's a no-brainer. They work and will not break the bank.

As stated previously, we believe the Wilcox L4 G24 is a fantastic night vision mounting option. The G24 mount is a no-compromise option for individuals who want to get it right on the first try. The cost is reasonable for those using mid to high-grade night vision devices and highly reliable.

Because of the price, the Wilcox L4 G24 Mount is not for everyone. If you're operating at the highest levels, you want and need the best. The cost comes second to reliability and performance. If you are using the best NVGs on the market and your mission is tip of the spear, you need the Wilcox L4 G02 mount.


The Norotos USGI RHNO Mount Arm is the most used night vision mount for helmets currently on the market. As a result of its extensive military service, finding these items used is often an easy and economical task. We've seen these items available for as low as $30 on eBay, and if you've spent any time in the military, you might already have one lying around. The ease of access and low per unit cost is by far the biggest pro to this night vision mount.

Like its predecessor, the Norotos TATM was an issued piece of equipment that was standard in the United States Army amongst infantry units for a period in the GWoT. As a result, just like the RHNO, there is a sizeable second-hand supply, but at a slightly higher price. Unlike the RHNO, however, many drawbacks are entirely removed, as the system is more modern. Favorable features on this night vision head mount include height adjustment and lightweight design.

The RHNO II Dovetail NVG mount is the United States Army's current night vision mount of choice. It is mission built to give Soldiers the ability to mount their night vision devices quickly and effectively for night operations. It features a height adjustment knob, tilt knob, and a slider to adjust the distance between the optic's eyepiece and your face. When combined, these specifications ensure that the end-user can get the perfect fit regardless of the shape of their head and face. Brand new from a dealer, these are probably the best bang-for-your-buck device on the market right now.

This is a battle-proven night vision mounting system. It comes with everything you need to mount your night vision optics quickly and effectively. The adjustability of this mount is the largest pro. You're sure to find this night vision mount for helmets, one of the most comfortable available.

This universal night vision mount includes a water-resistant power supply in the form of an on-board, front-mounted, removable battery module. With the kind of features tip of the spear operators demand, it is the best night vision mount for helmets on the market.


Although easy to access and cheap to obtain, the RHNO night vision mount for helmets is not without faults. While it is among the earliest of modern night vision head mounts to acquire, it lacks several key features. Some users find the absence of height adjustment and dovetail mounts frustrating. This is especially true considering other night vision mounts for helmets on this list have these features right out of the box.

The largest con to this night vision mount is the lack of a dovetail mounting option. Users hoping to mount dovetail night vision devices to the TATM can only do so with a special adaptor. Unfortunately, these adaptors are not easy to find, as many third-party suppliers do not carry them.

The largest con to the RHNO II dovetail mount is that they are an extremely in-demand product. These devices are tough to find second-hand, especially when compared to the older Rhino system. If you can find one of these second-hand, purchase it immediately.

The single largest con with the L4 G24 from Wilcox is that these things are mass reproduced with plenty of knock-offs on the market, particularly in the airsoft space. Ensure you are getting your Wilcox L4 G24 from a reputable manufacturer when you purchase; otherwise, you could end up with an airsoft knock-off.

Price is the only real con, but you get what you pay for. Even when these mounts are on sale, you'll be hard-pressed to find one for less than $1,200.

Testing Data

Ergonomically Optimized Tilt and Fore/Aft-Eye-Relief Adjustment Levers for a custom-fit user experience

Force-to-Overcome Deploy/Stow Release enables single-handed decisive user pressure flip-up/flip-down

Horn Style NVG Compatible for PVS-7B/D & PVS-14

Auto Shut-Off when NVG in stow position or removed from the mount

Durable Helmet Mount Surface Finishes withstand extreme environmental and field conditions

Safe & Easy Operational Tactile Differentials on operating levers, knobs, and buttons

Ergonomically Optimized Vertical, Tilt, and Fore/Aft-Eye-Relief Adjustment Levers for a custom-fit user experience

Helmet Mount Release Button allows quick one-handed release from Helmet Bracket or Shroud

NVG Safety Release Rotating Knob (one-hand operation) will not release NVG until complete 120-degree rotation (patented feature)

Push Button Deploy/Stow Release enables single-handed smooth & quiet NVG flip-up/flip-down

Compact & lightweight while remaining durable

High-Strength, Lightweight Aluminum & Titanium Manufactured helmet mount components (except pins, springs, balls, and washers)

Dovetail Style NVG Compatible for PVS-7A/C, PVS-15, PVS-18, PVS-21, & PVS-31

Durable Helmet Mount Surface Finishes withstand extreme environmental and field conditions

Safe & Easy Operational Tactile Differentials on operating levers, knobs, and buttons

Ergonomically Optimized Vertical, Tilt, and Fore/Aft-Eye-Relief Adjustment Levers for a custom-fit user experience

Helmet Mount Release Button allows quick one-handed release from Helmet Bracket or Shroud

Force-to-Overcome Deploy/Stow Release enables single-handed decisive user pressure flip-up/flip-down

Dovetail Style NVG Compatible for PVS-7A/C, PVS-15, PVS-18, PVS-21, & PVS-31

Glide-Rite Infinitely Adjustable in both vertical and horizontal directions

Reduced Weight & Enhanced NVG Center of Gravity prevents user fatigue allowing long-term ergonomic wearability

Auto Shut-Off when NVG in stow position or removed from mount

Durable Helmet Mount Surface Finishes withstand extreme environmental and field conditions

Safe & Easy Operational Tactile Differentials on operating levers, knobs, and buttons

Dovetail shoe interface securely locks NVG's into place

Breakaway feature reduces the risk of neck injury

Ergonomical adjustments allow for one handed operation

Maintains a very low-profile on the helmet

Rail interface & extended models available

Developed & battle-proven by U.S. & NATO SOF

Dimensions (Operational): G02 Mount (F4949)

3.20" L x 2.60" W x 1.70" H

Weights: G02 Mount (F4949) 0.33 lb. (5.29 oz)

Vertical Height Adjustment: .900" Total Travel

Power Source: One (1) CR123 Battery

Material Construction: Light Weight, Aerospace Grade Metal

Accommodates: F4949, ANVS-6, ANVS-9

The Ultimate Night Vision Mounting System Buyer’s Guide


Each mounting system tested was purchased or borrowed; we never accept anything from product manufactures. By keeping our reviews independent, we can ensure you that our reviews are unbiased. You deserve nothing less.

We tested all 5 models discussed, interviewed 12 industry experts, and read over 1000 customer reviews.

How We Decided







Who Needs Night Vision Mounting Systems?

Anyone who uses or intends to use night vision devices is probably in need of a night vision mounting system. Of course, you must look at your individual needs. In some cases, you may even be able to get away with not using a mounting system for your NVG, but most people will need a mount.

Mounting your night vision optics presents certain advantages. While some users, such as hunters moving between deer stands, can get away with handheld optics, anyone in a tactical situation needs hands free night vision capabilities. Additionally, a night vision head mount keeps your optics secure and avoids costly mistakes like misplacing your NVGs. If you haven’t purchased NVG’s yet, or are looking to learn more about them, make sure to check out our Visual Buying Guide for Night Vision.

Product In Depth

If you have spent any time under night vision while in the U.S. Military, then chances are you are already familiar with the Norotos USGI RHNO (sometimes pronounced Rhino) Mount Arm. This night vision mount system uses an articulating arm that places the NVG directly in front of the user's eye or stowed above the operator's helmet. It has two primary adjustment points. The first pushes the device in or away from the eye. The second point rotates the night vision optic giving the user a minor amount of control over the system's tilt. It is battle-tested and is one of the easiest night vision mounts for helmets to obtain on this list.


What To Consider Before You Buy

When purchasing a night vision mounting system, the most important considerations are compatibility, use case, and cost.

For compatibility, ensure the mounts you are considering buying support your night vision device. At the very least, make sure there is a reliable adapter available if the night vision mount for helmets isn't a perfect fit for your optics. Understand whether you will be mounting this device to a three-hole shroud, one-hole shroud, or a USGI MICH shroud.


You will know your mission and intended use better than any salesperson. If your current needs aren't the tip of the spear, perhaps spending over a thousand on the Wilcox L4 G02 mount isn't needed. On the other hand, if you are going into harm's way, maybe the cost is worth it for our top recommended night vision mount.

Set a budget you feel comfortable with and determine the best gear for your specific needs within that budget. If you can only afford a mustang, it makes no sense to go to the Ferrari dealership.

Product In Depth

The Norotos Titanium Advanced Tactical Mount (TATM) is the upgraded version of the standard USGI RHNO night vision head mount that every former active duty service member is familiar with. When compared to the RHNO, the TATM is an improvement across the board. With a more modern design, it has many options found on newer night vision mounting systems. For example, it comes complete with a height adjustment system that allows the user to adjust the night vision optic based on their head's shape and size for a perfect fit.

Where And How To Purchase An NVG Mounting System

There are many less than reputable companies selling night vision mounts for helmets. Some are made of low-quality materials and will not perform at the level of those we have recommended. Purchase your gear only from verified and well-established suppliers.

Our top recommendation is to buy from OpticsPlanet. In our opinion, OpticsPlanet is an industry leader and can supply all your night vision mounting needs.

If you are looking for second-hand mounts, sites like eBay may be an excellent place to start but always do your due diligence. Only purchase from sellers with a long selling history and return policies.

NSN Codes that are not clearly pictured are a red flag. You should also be concerned if all the product images on a site like eBay are stock photos. These images typically have an all-white background. It should be noted that sites like OpticsPlanet use these types of pictures, but that is fine. Reputable sites often get these images from the manufacturer.

The bottom line is if it is too good to be true, it probably is. If you doubt whether the seller is legit, go somewhere else.

Helmet Mounting Vs. Head Harness Systems

Although our focus is on helmets, we would like to address the difference between helmet mounting systems and head harness systems.

Helmet Mounted Systems: For most applications, and especially tactical situations, the helmet-mounted system can't be beaten. Helmet mounted systems snap directly into the helmet and offer the most stability and versatility for most night vision optics.

Helmets offer operators in the military and law enforcement protection that, in many cases, is lifesaving. As helmets are standard issue in these professions, helmet-mounted solutions are ideal.

Product In Depth

If you are looking for an affordable, common-use, easy to access modern night vision mount for helmets, then the RHNO II is a great option. The RHNO II is the current standard issue for the United States Army. Like the TATM and the RHNO, the Norotos RHNO II is ready to mount your night vision optics right out of the box. You'll have no need to purchase adapters to mount dovetailed NVGs.


Head Harness Systems: Some use cases, such as hunting, scouting, or even some reconnaissance type operations, may not require a helmet. In these cases, a head harness is better suited for the task. These systems use a series of straps to provide the support for holding night optics.

Decent head harness systems are currently on the market for around $300.

ATE Ballistic Helmet
ATE Tactical Helmet (BUMP)
Raptor Tactical Sentinel Skull Crusher Know More

Product In Depth

The Wilcox L4 G24 Mount is one of the better night vision head mounts on the market. If you are looking for a no-compromise mounting system, you should not need to look too much further than the L4 G24. It has everything you want, including the dovetail mounting system required for most modern night vision systems currently on the market.

NVG Mount And Shroud Compatibility

We mentioned this earlier, but not all night vision mounts are compatible across the board with the shroud that mounts to the helmet. You will want to double check with the manufacturer of both the mount and shroud to ensure they are compatible. They will either have a compatibility chart or some type of easy diagram like the one below for our A3S shroud.

Our Final Thoughts On Night Vision Mounting Systems

Feel free to bookmark this article for reference while searching for night vision mounts for helmets. You can also message us on Instagram and Facebook. We'll be happy to answer any questions you have about mounts or helmets.

We love to hear from our readers and our customers. Together, we can help educate each other on these systems so we all become better-educated consumers.

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NVG Mount And Shroud Compatibility