HHV ATE® Ballistic Helmet Mesh Covers


HHV ATE® Ballistic Helmet Mesh Covers

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HHV ATE® Ballistic Helmet Mesh Covers

Our Tactical helmet mesh covers are lightweight, and easy to apply or remove from the ATE® ballistic helmet or any high cut style helmet. Here's the deal, ballistic helmet covers help protect the finish on the helmet which acts as a barrier for the paint & ballistic fibers. They also allow for ease of camouflage for changing environments. 

What's the Bottom Line? Our tactical helmet mesh covers are durable, provide numerous mounting options, and will help protect your ballistic helmet.


  • Durable tear resistant fabric
  • Stretch edge to get the perfect fit over a helmet
  • 4 velcro tabs to help secure the cover on the inside of the helmet
  • Top mounted bungee to secure accessories 
  • Side elastic bands for clean wire routing
  • Velcro panels for patches and IFF
  • Designed to fit both M/L and L/XL ATE Ballistic Helmets

 Adjusting the cover to fit smaller helmets; The bungee system on the top is going to be your main adjustment for smaller helmets such as a bump or small/medium ballistic. You will line up all your edges as needed, and this will force the extra material to the middle/top of the helmet. You then can use the bungee system to tighten everything up. The extra material on the top just folds under and gives a nice clean look! 

Product Description

Helmets provide crucial head protection for police, military personnel and others individuals who face dangerous situations. A cover helps to protect the helmet's finish and provides additional safety and functional benefits.

Hard Head Veterans, the designer and manufacturer of ATE® Ballistic Helmets, offers high-quality mesh helmet covers designed specifically for this advanced piece of protective equipment. This tactical helmet cover provides the perfect fit. Our cover stretches to the edge of the helmet to provide a secure fit, even when you're maneuvering on the battlefield or engaging in law enforcement tactical operations.

Tactical helmets or a ballistic helmet are there to protect your head, but what’s there to protect your helmet? A ballistic helmet mesh cover is essential for anyone who owns a tactical ballistic helmet, offering extra protection for your helmet’s finish and allowing for ease of camouflage in changing environments.

Ideal mesh helmet covers are lightweight, easy to apply, and matted to prevent any light reflection from your tactical helmet. They’re available in a wide variety of patterns, colors, and materials, but the most standard mesh helmet covers come in camouflage designs that work to actively conceal your protective gear when it matters most. And just as the design and function of modern ballistic helmets have come a long way in recent years, so too have ballistic helmet covers. Today’s mesh covers are lighter than ever, serve as better barriers for the ballistic fibers, muffle noise when the helmet comes up against a surface, and are specially designed to allow for the secure attachment of helmet-borne accessories like strobes, cameras, battery packs, cables, and more.

Like any necessary piece of gear, the primary – and most important – purpose of a tactical helmet mesh cover is safety. Helmet covers help for purposes of identification and uniformity within units where individuals may be wearing various tactical helmets, and they change the exterior texture of the helmets to better absorb the reflection from incoming light. A strong, well-made CORDURA® Fabric cover like ours also helps protect your helmet from the typical scuffs and scrapes that can occur during the general wear of use.

HHV ATE Ballistic Helmet Mesh Covers

We designed our ballistic helmet mesh covers with the same purpose and attention to detail as we developed our helmets themselves. HHV Mesh Helmet Covers are lightweight, perfectly sized to fit our ATE Ballistic Helmets, and easy to both apply and remove. To help you quickly attach and access IFF markers and other field accessories such as battery packs and strobes, we’ve included pile tape sections on the back, top, and sides of the helmet cover.  

We’ve made our mesh ballistic helmet covers available in a wide selection of camouflage-focused colors and prints so that you can customize your ATE Ballistic Helmet to your unique situation and preferences.

Shop Superior Products from Hard Head Veterans

When it comes to making the best protective gear, nobody knows how to do it better than the people who have been there. Hard Head Veterans is a veteran owned and operated small business, with team members who have fought in the United States’ most current conflicts and who continue to serve in reserve and contract roles, as well as in law enforcement. Every piece of gear we design, from our ballistic helmets to our helmet pads, covers, and bags, is created with our own experiences in mind. The result is a piece of gear that is everything we would want and expect.

Across the board, HHV Ballistic Helmet Covers mesh are better than what you’ll find from our competitors. We’ve taken care to ensure that our helmet covers give you everything you could want in a cover, including:

- Accommodations for helmets of various sizes

- Easy application and removal

- Strong durability that proves effective no matter the situation

- Maximum protection for the finish and ballistic fibers of your helmet

- Lightweight design that won’t slow you down or change the overall feeling of your ballistic helmet

- Multiple pile tape sections – on the back, top, and sides of the helmet – for the easy attachment of and on the go access to IFF markers and other field accessories, such as battery packs and strobes.

In addition to our firm commitment to design, we’re also dedicated to keeping prices low. We know that budgets run tight, but we don’t believe that cost should ever prohibit access to the gear that you want and need to keep yourself safe. Our ballistic helmets are priced to align with your budget, whether it be federal, state, or personal.

The ATE Ballistic Helmet

Our experience in combat has taught us about more than just making the perfect helmet cover. We also sell two ballistic helmets that serve as excellent entry-level protection for members of the armed forces, law enforcement, and private security contractors.

The ATE Ballistic Helmet is our most popular helmet, and it’s what our helmet covers are designed to work with. It’s made from extra durable DuPont Kevlar and is available in an above the ear design to guarantee comfort along with coverage. It boasts superior blunt impact performance and exceeds the current ACH blunt impact protection requirements. And at just under 3 pounds, the ATE is an extremely lightweight helmet that offers all the protection you need without weighing you down.

Safety and Quality That You Can Trust

We take our commitment to safety extremely seriously. All of our products go through rigorous testing to ensure that we are offering protection that both meets and exceeds the stated standards for protective combat gear. These audits enable us to make sure that the products you order and receive will do what we say they are going to do, and no less. If a product doesn’t meet our standards, we don’t ship it out. Plain and simple.

Our tactical helmet covers consist of durable, versatile Cordura fabric that can meet the demands of military and law enforcement personnel in the field. This lightweight mesh material protects the helmet from scuffs and dings during regular use and combat operations.

Other benefits include:

  • Safety: The covers absorb light, preventing reflections that can reveal the wearer's position in the field. Choose from various camouflage-focused colors to reduce visibility in changing environments. You can even attach IFF markers to avoid incidents of misidentification while in the field.
  • Convenience: The mesh enables you to carry an assortment of accessories on your helmet, like cables, battery packs, cables and lights. You'll be able to free up more space on your belt or inside your pack to transport other essential supplies and gear. The top-mounted bungee allows you to attach these items securely.
  • Headset & NVG compatibility: If you wear a headset or other communications devices, the HHV helmet cover features side elastic bands to accommodate the wiring.
  • Additional security: We've installed four Velcro tabs for attaching this cover to the inside of your ATE helmet. This extra step ensures the cover won't come loose during field operations.
  • Why Partner With Us for Tactical Helmet Covers

    The Hard Head Veterans team consists of members with past and present military or law enforcement service. We draw upon these experiences when designing and manufacturing our helmet covers and other equipment in our product line. We understand what you need to stay safe and comfortable during tactical operations, and you can count on us to ensure that any piece of our gear will meet your expectations.

    We also recognize that military and law enforcement organizations like yours must make the most of limited budgets. We make all of our products as affordable as possible, ensuring they'll fit even the tightest budgets. We believe that you shouldn't go without lifesaving equipment due to cost considerations.

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    Have questions about the HHV Ballistic Helmet Covers or any of the other products that we sell? Send us an email at info@hardheadveterans.com or call us 970-306-6401 and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.