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“The ATE, from Hard Head Veterans, is the best investment I've made. Wearing it daily in southern Afghanistan; the ATE is so comfortable I usually just sit back and grin while everyone else rushes to remove their lids.”



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Tactical Helmets

Military-Grade Helmets and Protective Gear from Hard Head Veterans 

Welcome to Hard Head Veterans, your home for the highest quality Kevlar helmets and protective gear around. We're a veteran-owned and operated small business with team members who have served in this nation's most current conflicts and who continue to serve in reserve and contract roles, as well as in law enforcement. We've utilized our own unique experiences in combat to design a tactical helmet that excels in safety, comfort, and durability.

Our Selection of Tactical Helmets for Sale

The ATE Helmet is our most popular and lightweight military helmet, weighing in at just under 3 pounds. Our customers praise it for its versatility, exceptional blunt impact performance, and superior comfort. Featuring a DuPont Kevlar shell, it's an ideal entry-level tactical helmet for active and training members of the military and law enforcement, as well as those in the private security industry.

In addition to our ACH helmet, we also sell an additional Kevlar helmet in a Modular Integrated Communications Helmet (MICH) style. Kevlar is a strong, heat-resistant synthetic fiber for making high-quality helmets like our MICH model. This type of rugged combat helmet is one of several used by the U.S. Military during field operations and features an advanced Kevlar material that effectively stops handgun rounds. 

Our MICH BTE helmet features high-quality DuPont Kevlar that provides superior impact and fragment performance. The modular design ensures a comfortable fit in the most demanding field conditions. 

Choose From a Wide Range of Helmet Accessories

Hard Head Veterans also has everything you need to enhance the comfort, functionality and durability of your military helmet. We carry a full selection of accessories, including helmet covers, pads, a durable helmet bag and more.

  • Helmet pads: Anyone who has spent time in the military understands how uncomfortable a helmet can become. Our helmet pads can help prevent hot spots and fatigue, making a long day on a mission or in the field much more tolerable. The innovative two-layer design also enhances safety by improving blunt and impact resistance. The moisture-wicking fabric keeps perspiration from dripping into the eyes, ensuring maximum visibility.
  • Rail adapter kits: Headsets on helmets make it easier to communicate. They can also provide essential hearing protection. Hard Head Veterans offers rail adapter kits that can accommodate these devices, eliminating the need for uncomfortable headset straps. Our adapters feature lightweight parts that increase comfort without sacrificing strength, durability or reliability. 
  • Helmet bags: Proper storage is essential for protecting a helmet when it's not in use. Hard Head Veterans carries a durable helmet bag that can help prevent chips, scratches and cracks. It also provides a safe place to keep accessories such as battery packs, IFF markers and strobes. The exterior pockets give you more room for transporting smaller items while in the field. This bag can accommodate tactical helmets of various sizes.
  • Mesh helmet covers: These tactical helmet covers protect the finish and can also facilitate the use of camouflage in combat or patrol situations. The mesh material stretches snugly over the edges, ensuring a secure fit. Velcro panels can accommodate IFF patches, helping to prevent potentially dangerous misidentification situations. These covers fit medium/large and large/extra-large ATE Kevlar helmets. 
  • Helmet covers: Specifically designed for our military-grade helmets, these covers are lightweight and easy to put on and remove. The durable Cordura fabric will hold up well in challenging environments and provide excellent wear resistance. Choose from numerous color options, including tan, Multicam, gray, black and several others. As with all HHV products, these covers undergo extensive testing to ensure they're ready for the toughest battlefield conditions.
  • Counterweight pouches: Use this item to offset the weight when wearing night vision goggles or similar devices on tactical helmets. The pouch includes an innovative through-bolt retention system and Velcro to attach it securely to the helmet. At a weight of less than a pound, the product will not restrict movement or become an uncomfortable burden during a long day in the field. 
  • Up-armor plates: When used with our ATE helmets, these ceramic armor plates can provide extra protection by helping defeat most rifle rounds. The combination of silicon carbide and polycarbonate materials and compressed viscoelastic padding offers the ideal balance of strength and comfort. This plate comes in black, although you can paint it another color or apply camouflage tape if needed. 
  • Picatinny rails: This rotatable M-LOK rail enables you to adjust the angle horizontally or vertically, which is beneficial when mounting lights onto a helmet. The injection-molded design features a glass mixture that increases strength and durability. The rail comes with all the essential hardware for attaching it to an M-LOK slot. 
  • Sordin/Liberator adapters: These adapters will fit most wire helmet mounts for headsets. Install them easily by sliding them over the wires of existing headset adapters. Each kit includes four adapter mounts and four set screws for a fast, easy installation process. They're compatible with most MSA Sordin and Safariland Liberator models.
  • Tactical face shields: This item includes a full face shield and a shooter's cut half-shield, enabling you to adapt your protection to any situation via quick swapping. A top rubber skirt deflects falling debris, which is essential when combatting rioters. You'll also receive multiple M-LOK spacers to make easy size adjustments. An anti-fog and -scratch coating ensures maximum visibility. 

Military-Grade Tactical Helmets That Meet the Highest Standards

As a veteran-owned business, Hard Head Veterans understands the challenges that military and law enforcement members face — and what it takes to keep them safe. Every item we sell has been specially designed to exceed regulatory standards in safety and design and goes through rigorous safety testing to ensure it will do exactly what we say it will do. You'll have more peace of mind knowing that our military-grade helmets are protecting the most important part of your body when it matters the most.

We Back Our Helmets With an Outstanding Warranty 

We're so confident in the quality of our products that we back our helmets with our exclusive 10-year warranty. If you notice a defect or if you're not happy with the product, send it back to us and we'll replace it or issue a full refund. 

We also offer our HHV Helmet Battle Scars Warranty covering gear that has provided lifesaving protection. Send your damaged helmet back to us for analysis and we'll replace it with a new one. We'll even return your old helmet to you.

Tactical Helmets You Can Afford

Budgets are tight everywhere these days, so law enforcement agencies and other organizations must find ways to make the most of limited resources. At HHV, we're also committed to affordability. You'll find the best deals on military-grade helmets and protective gear right here, at prices that are half of what our competitors are charging. We believe that no one should have to do without lifesaving head protection due to high costs or a shortage of funds.

Why Choose HHV?

The Hard Head Veterans team consists of veterans of America's most recent conflicts, and many continue to serve in military, law enforcement and private security roles. We bring this unique perspective and insight into designing and manufacturing our tactical Kevlar helmets and other high-quality products and accessories. Whether you're a warfighter, crime fighter or ordinary citizen, you'll get gear you can trust to deliver excellent value for your money. 

We also believe in giving something back to those who put their lives on the line every day to protect our great nation and its citizens. That's why we donate a portion of the proceeds from every sale to deserving organizations like the Navy Seal Foundation, the Concerns of Police Survivors and the Green Beret Foundation. We never forget who we are or the exceptional men and women we have the privilege of serving.

Check out Our Tactical Helmet and Accessories Selection 

You have a lot of options when it comes to the purchase of your military-grade helmet and protective gear, but no one is more dedicated to providing you with safe and exceptional products at a fair price. Browse our equipment, make your pick, and we'll have you outfitted in the safest gear around. Guaranteed. 

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