Combat Helmet Bag HHV

Hard Head Veterans

Combat helmets need the HHV Protective Helmet Bag! It provides protection and storage for your helmet. Each case is made from durable 1000D Cordura® with a padded interior. Organization and storage for all of your helmet components and accessories. With additional MOLLE panels to add additional storage. 

Features (12"x10" 8")

  • Multiple carry options (Handles, & MOLLE).
  • Accommodates various-size helmets.
  • Netted side storage area for quick grab items.
  • Interior compartment for NVGs, Headsets, etc
  • Exterior zipper compartment for accessory items. 
  • Velcro panels for patches
  • Fits Ops Core, Team Wendy, MTEK and other ballistic helmets, and most other safety helmets. 



About Ballistic Helmet Bags

Here's the deal: Combat helmets are a crucial part of your protective safety gear, and you should be taking care of them. One important step in making sure that your ballistic helmet continues to work hard for you is taking care of it during the times that it’s not in use.

Ballistic helmets that aren’t properly cared for run the risk of cracking, chipping, or coming into contact with potentially harmful substances that can wear on the materials. And even the smallest of imperfections can result in a serious risk to your safety when you’re wearing the helmet. Keeping your helmet in good condition then is crucial.

A tactical helmet bag offers a variety of key functions that help ensure your combat helmet is as effective the hundredth time that you wear it as it is the very first time that you wear it. In addition to protecting the helmet from potential cracks, chips, and exposures to dangerous substances, a tactical helmet bag also offers a few other important uses.

Organization. Keep all your helmet accessories – like IFF markers, battery packs, and strobes – in one easy to remember place. The Hard Head Veterans Protective Helmet Bag features both interior and exterior storage pockets, as well as netted side storage for those items that you need to grab quickly or often.

Safe Storage. Not all bags are equally up to the task of safely storing something as important as your protective head gear. A designated protective helmet bag is always going to be your best bet, offering the superior materials, padding, and ease of carry that you would expect from any combat gear bag.

Transportation. It’s unlikely that your combat helmet is just going to be sitting around in one place. Make it easy to take your helmet wherever you need it to go with a helmet bag designed to carry the helmet, its accessories, and nothing else. Not only will you know exactly where to look when it’s time to grab your helmet on the go, but you’ll know that it’s already safely stored for easy transport. The Hard Head Veteran Protective Helmet Bag is perfect for storing and transporting a wide range of helmets, including high, mid, and low cut ballistic helmets, flight helmets, most other safety helmets, and the accessories that go along with each. It is also a molle helmet bag that can be mounted to other molle gear or add additional pouches to itself. 

Maximum protection. Gear has a way of getting bounced around. Make sure that all that movement doesn’t compromise the safety and effectiveness of your combat helmet with a helmet bag specifically designed to withstand impact and general movement. Our Protective Helmet Bag is made from extra durable 1000D Cordura with a padded interior to prevent the wear and tear that can come along with constant transport.

The Hard Head Veterans Protective Helmet Bag

We’ve talked a little already about what makes our tactical helmet bag so effective, but here are the details at a glance:

- Superior protection thanks to durable 1000D Cordura and a padded interior.

- Interior and exterior storage options for bringing along all of your helmet components and accessories. Interior compartments are ideal for accessories like NVGs and headsets, while zippered exterior compartments easily store smaller accessories.

- A netted side storage area specifically for storing those items that you need to grab quickly on the go.

- Comfortable accommodation for helmets of a wide range of sizes and styles, including high, mid, and low cut ballistic helmets, flight helmets, and most other safety helmets. It also works great as a mich helmet bag. 

- Multiple carry options, including handles, and MOLLE.

- Availability in several colors, including tan, black, MC, and OD.

-Works well with the following ballistic helmets, Ops-Core, Team Wendy, MTEK, and just about any other FAST helmet or high cut design.  

Unlike protective helmet bags from many of our competitors such as skd tactical and the first spear helmet bag, we designed our bag to fit not just the needs of a combat helmet, but the needs of the person wearing it as well. Hard Head Veterans is a veteran owned and operated small business, and all of our products are created with our own experiences in mind. Each detail on the HHV Protective Helmet Bag, from the interior padding to the various storage options, was chosen specially to protect and store tactical helmets while giving the greatest ease of use to whoever is carrying the bag.




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