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Helmet dont even sit even & the straps arnt the right length to adjust the helmet properly.

Great quality, I love the micro-lattice it's definitely more comfortable than foam. Only thing is that I wish they used a more common rail system.

Helmet pad review

The helmet pads are amazing!! They form around the head real nicely and allow air to cool the top of the head!! They are easy to remove to install my peltors! Thank you creating an excellent product!! Soon I’ll try the HHB mesh pad!

Not as good as I had hoped

The low profile rail adapter looks great, and was easy to install. But my ear pro does not seal to my ears with them. I can't figure out why though. I previously had a set of 3m peltor arc rail mounts on it and they worked perfectly fine. They were just super bulky and stuck out too far on the sides so I switched to these low profile one. But they're loose and don't quite do the job I was hoping for.

Hi Garret, you will need to bend the wires to get the best fit for your specfici headshape!

Fitment issue

Does not hold my Walker ear pro against my head tight enough to allow a clean seal for protection.

Hi Corey, you are going to need to bend the wire to fit your specfic head shape!

Best first helmet ever!

The ATE Bump helmet is my first tactical helmet purchase and lemme tell you, I wasn't disappointed one single bit!! Easy to fit to my head, comfortable, and definitely well made...so thank you HHV

Love it!

I love this helmet! It’s super cool looking and works great. My only issue, if it’s even an issue is that I’m lefty and would like to swap the buckle to the other side. I’d also have loved if there was maybe one more inch of strap to buckle the helmet as I’m having a slightly difficult time adjusting it.

Very good feel

After wearing it for about a week I ended up coming with the conclusion that the helmet fits very well. I also got the pads with wishing I got the 3/4 inch rather than the whole 1 inch thickness cus it’s to tight, but with that it’s so secure to my head I don’t even need the chin strap. Thinking about mixing both normal pads with the micro pads to give it the best comfort. Still feels way better than the helmets I was issued in the military. Thank you

Outstanding High Speed Helmet

Just used this helmet on a jump recently. Extremely lightweight and comfortable. Made in the US by a great company. Lattice pads are awesome. Only thing is the lattice pads aren’t authorized for the jump itself but swapped em’ in the field.
100% recommend!

Ballistic Helmet ATE® GEN2 HHV

Best of the best

I initially had doubts about buying the ATE GEN2 HHV helmet due to my existing ballistic helmet that covers my ears. However, this purchase completely changed my perception. It's evident that the details provided by ATE are incredibly accurate. The only improvement I would suggest is replacing the chin straps with dial straps. Apart from that, this helmet is truly exceptional in every aspect.

This was very simple to put together and it fits my small ACH. I am very happy with this product!

I highly recommend this upgrade if you operate in a hot, humid environment. The breathable mesh it nice.

Great fit, very comfortable! Accessory ready!

Black Multicam Bump

Awesome bump helmet and a competitive price! Highly recommended!🔥🔥🔥

Could be better

I thought originally it would lock my ear pro to my ears but I had to bend the metal prongs a bit to get it tight enough


Been using this as an EDC with my gear, well made, sheath is secure, and it's made out of the same stuff my ATE helmet is.


Delivered in a timely manner. And the product does not disappoint.

Great bump helmet

I use this helmet for both SAR and timber operations. Does not feel loose and I like the quick release chin strap. The rails accommodate the magpul pics for a nice light on one side and an IR light on the other. My gear does not feel loose when on the move. I was able to place a rhino mount to the front and the mount does not feel like it will fall when on the move. Good for light to medium operations. I believe that this helmet will last me a long time with proper care.

Tanner O.

The rails seem to be very good quality, sadly they did not fit my helmet.

Fast and Great

My order was fulfilled and arrived quickly. The helmet and liner were exactly what I was looking for.

Ballistic helmet

Very pleased with the product and its compatibility with other brands.

Looks great! I like the elastic webbing all over that you could use for putting foliage in.

Not quite as described (EDIT: Problem solved)

Installed on Walker Razors. Mine don't seem to rotate. Not sure what I could be doing wrong. They pop up and down, but neither left nor right side seems to want to "swing" either direction with at least 5 pounds of pressure or so. The video makes it look super easy. I'm afraid if I were to push any harder I would damage the wires. Can't give 4 or 5 stars because of that. Otherwise they work fine. EDIT: Followed HHV's advice. Took probably 15 or 20 lbs to break them loose, after a few back and forths it feels ok. 3 stars --> 5 stars

Hi Nate, go ahead and crank on them a little bit on the solid metal part, not the wires. They should lossen up.