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Tactical helmet accessories that fit your favorite helmets and brands from Ops-Core FAST helmets, Team Wendy EXFIL helmet, MTEK, Safariland, and our own ATE ballistic helmets. We offer tactical helmet pads, bags, tactical helmet covers, counterweights and more! View Our Store To Learn More.



Helmet Accessories

As a member of the military or law enforcement, you rely on your helmet to provide lifesaving impact and ballistic protection. Hard Head Veterans is a veteran-owned and operated designer, manufacturer and supplier of high-quality tactical helmets that you can trust in the heat of battle. We also offer an assortment of helmet attachments and accessories to enhance helmets' functionality and comfort.

Our Tactical Helmet Accessories

At HHV, we offer accessories for bump helmets (protection from the impact of falling objects and debris) and ballistic helmets (can withstand gunfire) for our products and other leading brands. Our selection includes a wide range of ballistic helmet attachments and more.

HHV Comfort PLUS Military Helmet Pads

Our proprietary line of helmet pads helps reduce fatigue, hot spots and discomfort during periods of extended use. Our innovative two-layer system consists of a top layer that increases impact resistance and an inner memory foam layer for added comfort. These accessories can fit almost any product, including many helmets that utilize Velcro helmet attachments.

Rail Adapter Kits

If you need to equip your helmets with communications systems or hearing protection headsets, check out our rail adapter kits. While straps cause discomfort and create hotspots and headaches, these kits integrate with your helmet rails for a secure and comfortable fit. Lightweight aluminum and glass-filled nylon parts add strength and durability without making the helmet feel heavy or bulky. The built-in wire springs allow you to rotate your headset for your convenience.

Combat Helmet Bag

This protective bag keeps your helmet safe during storage. The bag's strong, versatile Cordura fabric can withstand the most challenging environments. Interior padding provides extra cushioning, while the netted side gives you extra room to keep quick-grab items within easy reach. This bag can accommodate bump and ballistic helmets of various sizes. Available carrying options include MOLLE and standard handles.

HHV ATE® Ballistic Helmet Mesh Covers

These ballistic helmet accessories are a lightweight, easy-to-apply solution for protecting your gear's finish and camouflaging applications. The durable fabric resists tears and is easy to stretch, ensuring the perfect fit for any helmet. Four strategically positioned Velcro tabs help to secure the cover and prevent it from slipping off. These mesh covers also come with a top-mounted bungee for holding various helmet accessories.

HHV ATE® Ballistic Helmet Covers

Use these tactical helmet accessories to protect your ballistic helmet and gain a wide range of mounting options for attachments. The conveniently located Velcro patches allow you to fasten IFF markers and patches. Elastic bands on the side of the cover enable clean wire routing for communications systems and headsets. You can use the top-mounted bungee to secure all of your accessories.

Ballistic Helmet Counterweight Pouch

Do you equip your tactical helmets with night-vision goggles or other devices? A counterweight pouch can offset the extra weight and provide a more comfortable fit. You'll get five 70-gram removable weights with elastic bands so you can adjust the weight as needed. A Velcro strap secures the pouch in place. The military-grade chem light window promotes visibility during nighttime activities.

Rifle Rated Ballistic Helmet Up-Armor

Use this armor plate to enhance the protective capabilities of your ATE GEN2 ballistic helmet. These rugged ceramic plates consist of silicon carbide, polycarbonate and compressed viscoelastic padding, enabling your helmet to stop most rifle rounds. With a total tile weight of only one pound, this accessory will keep your helmet at a comfortable weight.

Rotatable M-LOK Picatinny Rail

This specially designed rail is useful for mounting lights on your helmet or other picatinny accessories. You'll have the flexibility to adjust the angle vertically or horizontally. The injection-molded part adds strength and durability to your equipment, ensuring long-lasting performance in challenging conditions. This product is compatible with any standard M-LOK mount.

Sordin/Liberator Adapters

If you use wire-mounted Sordin or Liberator headsets with your helmets, these adapters will make your headsets easier to install and secure in place. This product comes with four adapters and four set screws to facilitate attachment. These adaptors are compatible with most MSA Sordin and MSA Safariland Liberator headset models — you can slide them over the wires easily, providing a simplified installation process.

HHV Tactical Face Shield

This face shield can serve as an effective ballistic or bump helmet attachment, providing fragmentation or blunt impact protection. You can achieve a secure connection by mounting it to ATE M-LOK slots on your helmet. As an added safety feature, the built-in top rubber skirt can deflect falling objects and debris. The anti-fog and scratch-resistant properties promote maximum visibility. You can also make quick exchanges between full- and half-face shields as needed.

At Hard Head Veterans, we have unique insight into the protection needs of the tactical community. We're veterans of recent U.S. military conflicts. This perspective allows us to design and manufacture products that military and law enforcement personnel can confidently use under the most challenging conditions.

Quality and safety are always our top priorities. We use superior materials and implement stringent quality control measures to ensure every product delivers optimal protective capabilities. You can also trust our helmets, helmet accessories and other gear options to hold up well during heavy use and continue to perform at a high level.

We recognize that many law enforcement agencies, military operations and private security firms are attempting to make the most of limited budgets. We take every practical step to offer our products at reasonable prices. We believe that costs shouldn't prohibit any organization from acquiring protective equipment that can save lives.

Take a closer look at our full line of tactical helmet attachments and make your selection today. You'll find that many of these items are available at significantly discounted prices, helping your organization reduce its equipment costs. Use our convenient, secure checkout process to place your order online.