HHV Tactical Face Shield

The HHV Tactical Face Shield provides blunt impact, and ballistic/fragmentation protection for your ATE ballistic helmet or ATE bump helmet. They mount directly to the ATE M-LOK slots for a secure bolted connection to the tactical helmet. It includes a full face riot face shield and a half-face shooter's shield that are interchangeable. Allowing the user to swap out face shields as a situation dictates. Each shield is anti-fog & scratch coated. 

Customer Reviews

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Eli W.
Face shield

Excellent quality. Really liked that you get a full face shield an a "shooter" face shield. Very reasonably priced, fast shipping.

Eric H.
Much needed gear.

I really like protecting my face and this is a great piece of gear for that. Very easy to install. Also doubles as a sneeze guard.

Can transform a bump helmet into an all-in-one solution

Recently I purchased the HHV bump helmet and attached some Peltors and other accessories for training and potentially home defense. Adding the face shield, especially the half-face shooter's shield, means I now have a complete solution with head / ear / eye protection in one single unit.

Robert Y.
Bump helmet with shield.

The helmet is above expectations. The circle Velcro pad attachments, don’t stick well enough for switching pads often for multiple users. The craftsman’s ship is top notch. I would like to see a bump style Mitch for better ear protection when coms is not needed.

The face shield is lightweight and does it’s job. However is scratched fairly easily with frequent cell extractions.

Over all this product is a great piece of kit. It is what I am looking for and the costumer service is great.

The riot face shield is ideal for situations where full-face coverage is required and provides increased protection from blunt impact projectiles or strikes.

The half-face shooter's shield is ideal where eye protection is needed, but also the requirement to properly shoulder a firearm is equally as important.

Each unit includes a top rubber skirt to help protect against falling debris. Multiple sized M-LOK spacers are included to use for adjustment to your specific sized helmet.

Product Description

A ballistic or bump helmet provides essential head protection during a military or law enforcement operation. A tactical face shield serves as an extension of the helmet, providing extra protection against fragmentation and blunt impact. Depending on the situation, you can choose to wear a full- or half-helmet face shield.

Hard Head Veterans can supply your organization with reliable tactical face shields. As a veteran-owned and operated business, we design, manufacture and distribute protective equipment that meets the needs of the military, police, SWAT units, and other individuals and entities that require maximum protection.


  • Housing and all mounting hardware
  • 1X Shooter's Cut Face Shield
  • 1X Full Face Shield
  • 2X each sized spacer ( .075", .10", .20")
  • 4X M5x12 mm bolts for use on stacked spacers


  • Tested to MIL-DTL-32332A .22-cal., 17-grain FSP @550-560 FTS
  • Tested to MIL-STED-662F .22-cal., 17-grain FSP with V50: 735 ft/s
  • Exceeds Optical clarity & Anti-Fog requirements
  • Weight: 9.9 oz

We know that you want to feel confident that your head and face protection equipment will perform when you need it. All HHV face shields undergo rigorous testing to comply with the applicable military standards (MIL-DTL-32332A and MIL-STED-662F). Our combat helmet face shields also exceed optimal clarity and anti-fog requirements, enabling you to use them in challenging weather conditions. The scratch-resistant coating contributes to the shield's longevity and promotes maximum visibility.

At Hard Head Veterans, our goal is to provide high-quality helmets and accessories that enhance safety and give users peace of mind. We also make functional products that meet all relevant protection requirements without sacrificing comfort, speed and control. Our team has served in recent U.S. military engagements, so we bring a unique perspective to our equipment design that makes a meaningful difference.

We also recognize that federal, state and local government agencies and military organizations must make the most of limited funds. We strive to make our tactical face shields and other gear as affordable as possible. We believe that a tight budget shouldn't prevent you from acquiring lifesaving equipment.

You can purchase bump and ballistic helmet face shields and any of our other products online 24 hours a day at your convenience. Our site is easy to navigate and our ordering process is fast, streamlined and secure. You can also take advantage of our risk-free guarantee that enables you to buy from HHV with complete confidence. Place your order or contact us online today at to learn more.