Compatibility Recommendations With Ops Core, Team Wendy & More

Customize Your HHV ATE Ballistic Helmet

Army helmets are more than just their shell. We’ve made it easy to customize your HHV ATE Ballistic Helmet with specially designed features that allow you to swap in accessories from other manufacturers. While we think our gear is the best (and we know it’s definitely the best priced), we understand that everyone has their own preferences when it comes to what constitutes the ideal helmet.

The ATE was designed to be the perfect entry-level army helmet for members of the armed forces, law enforcement, and private security contractors, and is suitable for combat operations. It comes with a shroud, liner, pads, rails, and other accessories that already work great, but we’ve made sure it’s compatible with liners and accessories from other manufacturers, as well as third-party products. After all, your tactical ballistic helmet isn’t something you want to mess around with. You have unique needs, and we’re here to help you meet them.

Each element of an enhanced combat helmet serves a unique purpose. Below, we’ll go over the various accessories you can customize your ATE Ballistic Helmet with, as well as the manufacturers that we trust and recommend. When choosing products from any manufacturer, always consider your helmet size. Check out a standard helmet size chart before making a purchase so you can ensure the accessory will fit with what you have.

Helmet Shrouds

What it is: A helmet shroud provides a secure area at the front of your helmet to attach various tools, including NVGs, illuminators, video cameras, and other tactical components.

Why you need it: You’ve only got two hands, and in a combat situation, chances are they’re already busy with other things. A shroud makes it easy to carry along the other components you need or might need by securing them right to your helmet. A good helmet shroud is lightweight and won’t throw off your balance, even with tools attached.

Other manufacturers we recommend: There are two companies that offer shrouds we consider to be comparable to the one we already include with the HHV ATE Ballistic Helmet.

Wilcox makes excellent products and is a long-time manufacturer of NVG mounts and shrouds. With their L4 series 3 hold shrouds, you’ll typically find an NVG retention or “shock cord” that comes in handy in the case of a blow that knocks your NVGs from their mount:

Norotos is another company deemed to be an industry standard in terms of shrouds. You can easily use their 3 hold and universal shrouds with the HHV ATE:

Helmet Mounts

What it is: A helmet mount is a streamlined add-on to your army shroud that allows for the secure attachment of and quick access to helmet-borne accessories.

Why you need it: A mount is the connection between your helmet shroud and whatever you may be attaching. Typically this will be a night vision device.

Other manufacturers we recommend: The existing shroud on our ATE works well with the following mounts:

Wilcox G24 NVG Mount:
Norotos AKA2 Mount:
Norotos INVG Mount:
U.S. Army Standard Rhino Arm:

The HHV ATE Ballistic Helmet shroud is pretty versatile, so you’ll find it likely works well with mounts from a few other manufacturers as well, though the ones listed above are the ones we most recommend.

Helmet Padding/Liners

What it is: Helmet pads and liners are what keep your ballistic helmet snug and comfortable, and good padding and liners should come covered in moisture wicking material to prevent additional discomfort.

Why you need it: Without proper padding and liners, your helmet would get bumped out of place in the event of any motion or impact. Quality definitely matters here – good padding and liners won’t just keep your helmet in place; they’ll also help prevent fatigue, hot spots, and chafing.

Other manufacturers we recommend: We consider a few other brands of helmet padding and liners to be comparable to our own.

Team Wendy, a long-time choice for improved comfort and impact protection. Their helmet liners have led the charge in preventing concussions and traumatic brain injuries.

Check out their full line of helmet padding and liners here: 

Read our Team Wendy liner pad review here:

Ops-Core (now GENTEX) sells the Lux Liner, which offers great comfort and shockwave attenuation:

Oregon Aero & Skydex both offer big, bulky, and safe pads that reflect what you’d find in an issued helmet:

Brigade QM for a great browband pad: 

Helmet Retention/Chinstraps

What it is: Retention straps and chinstraps help keep your ballistic helmet in place and resolve issues of instability that can be caused by helmet-borne components.

Why you need it: Your helmet is bound to move around if you’re engaged in any sort of rigorous activity. A retention strap and chinstrap will help ensure it stays in place and keeps you protected.

Other manufacturers we recommend: Here are the two other brands of retention straps and chinstraps we consider that best fit with the ATE:

Team Wendy offers a number of great retention options, our favorite of theirs being the Cam Fit™ Retention system, which uses a BOA technologies closure dial to achieve the perfect fit:

Ops-Core (now GENTEX) sells simple, highly functional retention systems certified by SOCOM for SL and MFF. Their Head-Loc™ Retention System X-Nape and H-Nape systems are great replacements for the insufficient retention systems found issued on many ACHs:

A Note on Helmet Accessories

Pretty much any helmet accessory you could want will work with our ATE helmet. If it doesn’t, most accessory manufacturers offer adapters that work with the standard rail systems you find on most manufactured helmets.

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