Compatibility Recommendations for your Hard Head Veterans Helmets

Customizing Your HHV Ballistic Helmets

Ballistic helmets are more than just a shell. We’ve made it easy to customize your HHV ATE Gen2 Ballistic Helmet with specially designed features that allow you to swap in accessories from other manufacturers. While we think our gear is the best, we understand that everyone has their own preferences when it comes to what constitutes the ideal helmet.

The ATE was designed to be the perfect entry-level ballistic helmet. It comes with a night vision shroud, helmet liner, comfortable pads, m-lok rails, and other accessories that work great, but we’ve made sure it’s compatible with liners and accessories from other manufacturers, as well as third-party products. After all, your tactical ballistic helmet isn’t something you want to mess around with. You have unique needs, and we’re here to help you meet them.

Each element of a ballistic helmet serves a unique purpose. Below, we’ll go over the various accessories you can customize your ATE Ballistic Helmet with, as well as the manufacturers that we trust and recommend. When choosing products from any manufacturer, always consider your helmet size. Check out a standard helmet size chart before making a purchase so you can ensure the accessory will fit with what you have.

Tactical Communications and Hearing Protection.

Tactical Communications Headset

What it is:

A communications headset also doubles as hearing protection in many modern devices. We have a complete guide to tactical communications headsets that you can check out here for more information.

Why you need it:

Regardless of if you operate in a tactical capacity on a day-to-day basis, or if you’re just a prepared citizen who likes to utilize H.A.M. radio equipment in force-on-force training, then you can probably make an argument as to why you need tactical communications equipment attached to your helmet. The hearing protection added on-top of the communication equipment doubles as a means of preserving your hearing in training, and in combat. For those two reasons, everyone who uses a helmet in live fire training or tactical operations with the possibility of kinetic action needs a tactical communications headset.

Comms Capable Headsets We Recommend.

  • 3M Peltor Comtac
  • MSA Sordin
  • Safariland Liberator
  • Otto Noizebarrier Tac
  • Gentex Ops Core Amp

Headsets That Are Hearing Protection Only.

  • Howard Leight Impact Sports
  • Walker Razors
  • Peltor Sport

Headset Rail Adapter Systems

What they are:

Headset rail adapter systems replace the conventional headbands on most tactical communications headsets. These replacement adapters allow the headsets to be easily attached on the rail systems of your HHV ATE Gen2 Ballistic Helmet.

Why you need one:

If you intend to run tactical communications systems or hearing protection, a headset rail adapter system is the most comfortable way to do so. Wearing the headset in the conventional form with the original headband is often uncomfortable. Some users report getting stress migraines from the headbands pushing into their skulls, and others just find them generally uncomfortable when worn under the helmet for a long period of time.

Headset Adapter Compatibility List

HHV Rail Adapter Kit (Works with 3M Peltors, Howard Leight Impact Sports and Walker Razors on their own.)

Further Compatibility- Safariland Liberator and MSA Sordins require this adapter from Unity Tactical as well.

M-LOK Helmet Rail Mount for Otto Noizebarrier Tacs.

Gentex AMP Arms will require this adapter to work with the Ops Core Amp. Or you can use the RAC link to connect other headsets to AMP arms.

Night Vision Mounting Arms


What it is:

A night vision mounting arm is a streamlined add-on that locks into your helmet shroud. It allows for the secure attachment of, and quick access to helmet-borne accessories.

Why you need it:

The primary purpose for a night vision mounting arm is to mount a night vision device. If you intend to work at night under night vision, then you need a night vision mounting arm of some type attached to your night vision shroud. If you would like to find out more information about night vision mounting systems, you can check out this link.

Night Vision Mounting Arms Compatible with the HHV ATE Gen2 Shroud.

  • Norotos USGI Rhino Mount
  • Norotos TATM Long Arm
  • Norotos AKA II
  • Norotos INVG
  • Norotos Lo-Sto
  • Norotos Rhino II
  • Wilcox L4 G24
  • Wilcox L4 G02
  • Wilcox G29

Helmet Padding Systems.

Micro Lattice Pads

What they are:

Believe it or not, there’s more to a helmet padding system than meets the eye. At first glance, an inexperienced helmet wearer may think that the helmet padding system is meant simply as a countermeasure against discomfort. While this is an objective, it’s not the primary mission statement. Helmet padding systems are designed as a further cushion against the blunt-force trauma incurred on the skull if and when a round of any caliber strikes the helmet. They also serve to keep the helmet firmly in place on the user’s head.

Why you need one:

Without proper padding and a solid fit, your helmet will get bumped out of place in the event of motion or impact. Quality definitely matters here – good padding won’t just keep your helmet in place while maintaining a comfortable fit, it will also serve as an added barrier of protection upon impact. If you would like to read more in-depth about helmet padding systems, you can check out this complete guide we put together here.

Helmet Padding Systems Compatible with the HHV ATE Gen2.

Helmet Retention Systems

What they are:

In short, a helmet retention system is an additional system that you can add to your helmet to give it a more secure fit. Many retention systems are adjustable, and allow the wearer of the helmet to get a perfect fit every single time they put their helmet on without any adjustments needed. You see these on many safety helmets in the construction industry that lack chin-straps to keep them in place on the user’s head.

Why you need one:

You need a helmet retention system if you are planning to wear your helmet for long operations, and especially if you intend to operate under night vision. The retention system helps keep your helmet in place even when a pair of night vision goggles are upsetting the overall balance of your helmet.

Helmet Retention Systems That We Recommend.

Rail Mounted Helmet Lights

Rail Mounted Helmet Lights

What they are:

A majority of helmets that we carry come with our proprietary m-lok rail system. These rails allow for a lot of versatility in attachments and accessories, chief among them in importance is a rail mounted helmet light. These are similar to most tactical flashlights you would find in the industry; the only real difference is that they work exceptionally well when attached to the side of a helmet. You can find out more information about rail mounted helmet lights in this article.

Why you need one:

In some circumstances, you need both of your hands and a flashlight. While a weapon mounted flashlight allows you to fight hands free in a cone of illumination, a helmet mounted flashlight will keep both of your hands free in situations where you need to search, not fight, with both of your hands. They’re great for situations where you’re dealing with a detainee, and they’re also perfect for night-time sensitive sight exploitation.

Rail Mounted Flashlights We Recommend.

Rail Accessory Adapters.

What they are:

Rail accessory adapters enable a wide variety of attachments and accessories to be used on the HHV ATE Gen2 ballistic helmet platform regardless of the original attachment device. It doesn’t matter if the attachment uses standard picatinny attachment points or not. There is a simple solution to be found in the rail accessory adapter systems that are currently on the market.

Why you need them:

You only need rail accessory adapters if the attachment or accessory you want to use on your helmet rail is not M-LOK compatible. If the device you want to use is already m-lok compatible, then you do not need an accessory adapter.

Rail Accessory Adapters for the HHV ATE Gen2 Ballistic Helmet.

A Note on Helmet Accessories

Tactical Helmet Upgrades

Pretty much any helmet accessory you could want will work with the HHV ATE Gen2 helmet. If you have questions about mounting a specific accessory to your helmet, please feel free to reach out to our social media team for help, or send an email to and we’ll get you pointed in the right direction.

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