Ops-Core Lux Worm-Dial Liner Kit Review

            We have wanted to do this review for a while, but ended up letting a friend of ours borrow the liner for an extended trip outside the wire. Here is what he reported back with.


            “ Thank you for letting me borrow this guys and I’m always happy to do your work while you sit on your asses! Liner installed easily, though I was worried the additional thickness from the hard foam might be an issue. That being said if you were using peltors with a headband, the additional thickness would be a tight squeeze. I use the 3M adapters and tossed the headband a long time ago though. I wore the helmet for a couple range sessions and area fams for 2-4 hours at a time and was happy with the comfort and ease of adjustment. I did end up removing 2 of the smaller pads to increase the airflow. Was able to really test the comfort out on an opp that ended up taking much longer then expected. I had the helmet on upwards of 10 hours, under the weight of nods, and other crap. Had minor hot spots, but probably wouldn’t of noticed them if I wasn’t supposed to be reviewing this later. OPS-CORE makes good stuff and this worm-dial liner in the HHV helmet is no exception. PS, I’m not giving it back”


We always enjoy getting reviews straight from the horse’s mouth. In addition to the above, we would like to include a few other points.


The Ops-Core Lux Worm-Dial Liner Kit, is easily compatible with the Hard Head Veterans ATE® Ballistic Helmet. One thing to remember though is that it does add some additional thickness on the inside of the helmet. If you are right on the cusp for sizing, you may need to go up a size.


Padding in the Lux Worm Liner is very comfortable, but it is velcroed in there so you can switch it out if you want.