Bulletproof Helmet Fun

We teamed up with some great people and companies to bring you this awesome video! (Receivers, & Barrels) (Rails, Triggers, Charging Handles) (Optics) (Lights) (Handguard Covers) (NVG's) (Energy) (NVG Accessories) Control System) (Ammo) (Shooters) -@baersolutions -@kagwerks -@garand thumb

Things have changed since WWII, have a look.

With the help from our friends at Auto Ordnance, KRISS, and a few others we run a live fire shoot house with a Navy SEAL in both World War II gear and also modern equipment featuring our ballistic helmet.

Milspec_Mojo - Helmet Set Up And Accesories

Fireside chat with our buddy Milspec_Mojo on his ATE ballistic helmet, accesories, how he sets it up, and why!


Training Day - Hard Head Veterans Level IIIA Ballistic Helmet

Thanks to our buddies Ruben and Rory for taking time out of their Active Duty day to come out and run with us.

Gear used:
Optics - Vortex Optics Sparc AR, aimpoint T1
Plate Carrier - Crye JPC, Tac Tailor fitelite
Holsters - Safariland 6354do, Las concealment tizona
Helmets - Hard Head Veterans Ballistic level IIIA Helmet
Rifles - Daniel Defense Mk18 upper on both

Music: Fink - Warm Shadow



Check out this video for a quick breakdown of the finer points of our "FAST" style ATE ballistic helmet.

Great footage from the guys at Recom Actual of a little bit of night training utlizing the our high cut ballistic helmet.

The ATE Ballistic helmet duing during static line airborne training. Anyone who has messed up a PLF is typically happy they had a helmet on!

Mr. Gunsngear gets his hands on one of our ballistic helmets, reviews it and shoots it!