Ballistic Helmet Counterweight Options

Ballistic helmet counterweights options can help offset the weighted leverage that Night Vision Goggles (NVG's) may cause. Counter-weights can be made or fashioned from other pieces of gear, various weights, and a number of great off the shelf options. We are going to go over all of these options so you can outfit your ballistic helmet with any of them!


Using Gear You Already Have

Necessity is the mother of all invention, and you don't have to look very far to find ballistic helmet counterweights from gear that you probably already use. One of the smartest maybe your external NVG counterweight battery pack. Not only does it provide longer use times on your NVG's, it can act as a natural counterweight for them as well. Just about every NVG manufacturer should offer these as an option and you may already have them. They are typically even made with natural helmet curvature for this exact use like this example from Armasight. 


NVG External Battery Counterweight For Helmet-Helmet Counterweight


Another option speaking of batteries is using a spare battery for your radio and velcroing or taping it to the back of your helmet. Not going to be the prettiest or best solution, but it certainly will work in a pinch. Then you have a spare battery for your comms as well!


DIY Counterweight Options

For those that like the idea of making their own counterweight system for your helmet we have a few extremely simple options that are cheap and very effective. 

Using lead counterweights, we always liked the ones from the auto parts shop for tire balancing, or the ones used to hold waterfowl decoys in a pond. You can select your desired weight and even size by adjusting your layout. Even better are that these lead weights are usually flexible and can be fit to the curvature of a helmet. Then you simply wrap them in riggers tape and strap them to your helmet with velcro. The one below has gone through about 6 deployments in every condition from frequent saltwater immersion to 110-degree heat and is still going strong. 


homemade ballistic helmet counterweight


DIY helmet counterweight-NVG Counterweight


 Off The Shelf Options 

There are also a plethora of helmet counterweight options you can purchase from either ballistic helmet manufacturers themselves, or a number of great other companies that we will mention below. 

EOG is one of our favorites when it comes to various NVG helmet counterweight options. They even offer custom options as well. On their website, you will find just about any size and weight option from their low profile counterweight to their standard system. 

EOG counterweight option- NVG Helmet Counterweight


RE Factor Tactical has an option we really like for those that are using an external battery pack. It comes with two additional steel plates if the user needs a little bit extra weight in addition to added compartments for batteries or survival gear. You can find it Here

RE Factor counterweight pouch- Helmet counterweight


The TNVC Mohawk is going to be the Gucci choice for those that know their ABC's of operating (Always Be Cool)... Seriously though the Mohawk is packed with functionality and they offer a few different configuration options to meet your specific needs. The Mohawk portion utilizes bungees to help secure an IR marker, and you can fill up the rear storage compartments with everything from AAs and 123's to SMARTIES candies! 


TNVC Mohawk helmet counterweight



The NSW Helmet Ballast is the ideal option if you are using an MS2000 Strobe very commonly issued to Naval Special Warfare. It also holds up to six each of CR123's and AA/AAA batteries on a removable pullout tray for ease of access. 


NSW Helmet Ballast counterweight

No matter what you go with, hopefully, this short blog post will help you solve any ballistic helmet counterweight needs you may have!