Snapback Retention System (SRS)

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Stacker A.
Snap back to life

Making John Wayne’n safe again! Gives my helmet a super snug fit & I’ve lost the fear of breaking the bridge of my nose when my NVGs are on.

Devon B.
Fixes the jiggle!

Love the HHV helmet but there was noticeable jiggle to it. This is a cost efficient solution that makes the helmet fit nice and snug. I like cost effective equipment that I can upgrade if I have the disposable income to do so. HHV fits into that category.

Paul B.
Hard to adjust and ripped day 2

It does what it needs to but nothing more. Hard to adjust when your buddy’s use your helmet. The fabric ripped day 2 of use. Had to use duck tape to keep it together to put it inside the padding.

Matthew n.
Read me

I 100% regret this purchase and I strongly advise that you go with a different company. Let me start with this m-lok system that is nothing but a nuisance to attach anything to it you have to take it completely off using the screws that might as well be made of plastic with how easy they are to strip and the m-lok system is just simply too small my ear pro don’t even line up with my ears. The magnetic chin strap is pretty cool but to adjust the strap you have to peel the super duper gorilla glue off the back of the helmet to unscrew the adjustment **** I got this helmet in the mail the other day and it has been nothing but a struggle dealing with this helmet. I haven’t fully tested this helmet but with my knowledge of the cheap screws that play a major part in keeping your gear secured on the helmet I question the cheapness of the internals of the helmet. I work in law enforcement and I’m not for sure if I would trust me life with it and would return it if I didn’t basically have to destroy it to just adjust and attach thing.

Hi Matthew, just send you an email! Shouldn't have to take off the rails to mount anything, and if you need some new bolts to replace the stripped ones, just let us know!

The Snapback Retention System or SRS was designed to give the user's of our X-Pad Magnetic Chin-strap system the additional circumference adjustment for an even more secure fit. Especially beneficial when using night vision devices.

Our goal when designing the SRS was to create a simplified alterative to the dial retention systems on the market. It needed to retrofit into customers current systems, and we didn't want it to cost $100 extra like our competitors charge. Following the mantra of KISS (Keep it simple stupid) the SRS came to be.