SWAT Team Helmets

SWAT Team Helmets

Special weapons and tactics teams are critical to our nation's law enforcement efforts. SWAT units are typically responsible for handling some of the most intense situations that can involve high levels of risk, such as hostage situations, terrorist threats and riots. Anytime a SWAT team gets called into action, each officer puts their safety on the line to protect others. In 2019, 48 law enforcement officers died in the line of duty. Of these, nine were carrying out tactical operations. 

There's no doubt SWAT officers encounter a lot of risk on the job, but the good news is that officers can maintain their safety in most situations with the proper training and personal protective equipment. An essential piece of PPE that all modern SWAT officers should have is a helmet. A SWAT helmet from Hard Head Veterans can help you stay safe amid danger. 

What Makes a Good Tactical SWAT Helmet?

What Makes a Good Tactical SWAT Helmet?

SWAT teams need their helmets to meet specific criteria. A SWAT helmet should provide the following characteristics.

  • Strength: One of the most critical qualities a helmet must offer is strength. To adequately protect your head, you need a SWAT Kevlar helmet or a composite material helmet that can stand up to hazards such as gunfire or thrown objects during a riot. Make sure you choose a thoroughly tested helmet rated for the level of protection you need. For instance, not all tactical helmets are bulletproof. 
  • Comfort: In addition to strength, comfort is also a vital practical concern. Weight is a primary factor — keeping helmets lightweight makes them far more comfortable for officers. Additionally, the best SWAT helmets will stay relatively cool so the wearer doesn't become overheated and will stay firmly in place without slipping back and forth. SWAT officers may have to leave helmets on for prolonged periods, which makes comfort especially crucial. A hot, cumbersome helmet shouldn't be distracting.
  • Versatility: Versatility is also valuable. Depending on the operation, SWAT officers may need their helmets to look a specific way or work with particular accessories. The best helmets should be easy to modify and add accessories as needed so you can tailor them to the situation at hand.
  • Affordability: Historically, the high cost of tactical helmets has kept many police departments from purchasing them. SWAT officers are far more likely to receive these helmets than many other officers. However, cost can still prevent some units from getting the latest and best helmets on the market, causing them to choose cheaper options like military surplus helmets. However, these low-cost options may not deliver the strength, comfort and versatility SWAT officers need. The ideal choice is new, modern helmets at affordable prices.

Fortunately, Hard Head Veterans prioritizes providing SWAT teams with helmets that meet all these criteria. We understand budgets are tight, so offering these high-quality helmets at a budget-friendly price point has always been a top objective for our company.  

Types of SWAT Helmets for Sale

SWAT teams can use a few types of helmets for protection. Options include low-cut and high-cut ballistic helmets and bump helmets.

1. Low-Cut Ballistic Helmets for SWAT Teams

For maximum coverage against blunt force or ballistic threats, low-cut helmets are the way to go. These helmets cover all or part of the wearer's ears. The extra material in low-cut helmets can make them a bit heavier, but our BTE® Ballistic Helmet is surprisingly lightweight thanks to its DuPont™ Kevlar® shell. 

This helmet also features memory foam and a modular design for a perfect fit every time. Older versions of low-cut helmets were sometimes unpopular with wearers because they were uncomfortable, especially when worn for long periods. By design, our low-cut SWAT Kevlar helmet provides maximum comfort and coverage.

2. High-Cut Ballistic Helmets for SWAT Teams

When you would prefer to leave your ears uncovered, you need an above-the-ear design, such as the HHV ATE® GEN2 Ballistic Helmet. ATE, or high-cut, helmets still provide coverage to most of an officer's head, but tend to be lighter because they include less material. 

The primary advantage of high-cut styles is that they accommodate a headset. This quality can be helpful when SWAT officers are communicating over the radio to coordinate their movements during an arrest, hostage situation or other tactical scenarios. These helmets make it easy to add the accessories you need via a rail mounting system. 

3. Bump Helmets for SWAT Teams

When you don't need protection from ballistics, but you want to protect against other hazards, a bump helmet — such as the Tactical Helmet ATE® Bump — is a wise choice. These helmets are lighter than ballistic helmets, so they are an excellent option at times. They're still heavy-duty enough to protect an officer's head during a riot if a violent protestor throws a rock or another heavy object. 

Helmet Accessories for SWAT Teams

In addition to offering tactical helmets, Hard Head Veterans also carries a wide selection of accessories that can help you enhance your helmet's comfort and functionality. Accessories bring the following benefits.

  • Protection: Some accessories can enhance protective helmets' abilities. For example, supplement a SWAT helmet with a visor with an HHV Tactical Face Shield. You can also add up-armor plates to protect against common rifle rounds. Helmet pads are another useful accessory that can bring extra protection and comfort.  
  • Adaptability: You can also enhance your helmet's versatility with rail adapter kits and Sordin/Liberator adapters. These accessories make it easy to mount other accessories like headsets. If an accessory is pulling down on your helmet, you can add a counterweight pouch for balance. You can also change the look of helmets by adding a cover, either one made of solid fabric or a mesh cover. These covers also protect your helmet's finish. 
  • Convenience: You can conveniently store and transport your helmet and any accessories that accompany it in a unique padded bag.

High-Quality SWAT Helmets for Sale

High-Quality SWAT Helmets for Sale

Today's SWAT officers regularly enter high-risk situations and deserve advanced body armor to stay protected. Hard Head Veterans is a veteran-owned company, and all our team members have a connection to law enforcement or the military. We sell tactical ballistic helmets designed with the needs of SWAT teams in mind. Shop our online store to find the right SWAT ballistic helmet and accessories for your needs.