Best Tactical Helmet Cameras | Military Helmet Cam Review

Tactical Helmet Cameras have become the norm for soldiers around the world. This military helmet cam review article covers some of the best military action cameras you can buy. MOHOC, GoPro, Contour, and a few other tactical helmets cameras are reviewed in depth so you can figure out what will work best for your needs. 

 Hard to image, but back in the early days of the Iraq invasion, GoPro didn't even have a camera system on the market. Camera phones were rare, and if you wanted to take video the quality from most handheld cameras looks like this footage from the early part of the invasion.

With today's tactical cameras through the footage is unparalleled, costs are affordable, and they are smaller and more rugged than ever.  


GoPro Helmet Cameras

GoPro Tactical Helmet Camera Hero6

GoPro's line of cameras is ever evolving and improving.  Their newest Hero5 and Hero6 cameras provide video quality that a 100 thousand dollar camera couldn't 15 years ago. All in a package that fits in the palm of your hand. There is a GoPro military mount as well that will work with your ballistic helmet if it features a shroud. This GoPro NVG mount positions the camera front and center and is a great option if you are not using your helmet shroud for night vision. 


  • Lightweight at around 4 oz's depending on the model
  • LCD screen to review and edit video or photos 
  • 1080P and 4k video
  • Image Stabilization with most new models
  • Waterproof up to 33 feet with most new models


  • Box like design limits mounting if you want low profile
  • The best mounting option is really on the helmet shroud 
  • Camera buttons are smaller and hard to work with a gloved handgopro helmet mount

Actual GoPro Helmet Cam Combat Footage


Contour Helmet Camera

Contour Helmet Camera

 The Contour video camera takes a different approach to the action cam world with simplicity. They leave off the screen, and the only button you have to work is the sliding on-off one. If you are that guy always asking your commo guy how to work your radio this is probably the camera for you.  Their new Contour 4k UHD video camera is on par with anything else out there in terms of video quality.  It's slim tube design also gives the user additional mounting options when it comes to helmet cams. 


  • Rotating Lens (Found this feature very helpful for helmet mounting)
  • Single On-Off Switch
  • 1080P and 4k video
  • Laser Alignment (Found this feature very helpful for helmets)
  • Waterproof up to 30 feet with most new models


  • Slightly heavier than the new GoPro at 5.9 oz
  • Adhesive mounts are not the best

tactical helmet camera mount

Actual Contour Helmet Cam Tactical Footage

MOHOC Helmet Camera

MOHOC tactical helmet cam

The MOHOC video camera was designed from the ground up as a military helmet camera. Unlike other action cams, this ones sole purpose is to be mounted on a ballistic helmet or bump helmet. This tactical helmet camera is built in a way that it follows the curvature of a helmet providing a low profile option that is meant for tactical use. During our MOHOC review, we all noted how modular the system really was. 


  • Easy to mount anywhere on a helmet
  • Internal Gyro Sensor for video orientation 
  • 1080P
  • 5+ hours of runtime with CR123A
  • IP68 Ruggedized
  • MOHOC IR version available 


  • 7.2 oz's
  • Price is one of the highest

MOHOC Tactical Helmet Camera

Actual MOHOC Helmet Cam Tactical Footage


As you can see tactical helmet cameras for ballistic helmets and bump helmets have improved significantly over the years. The above cameras are each have their own unique pros and cons. It's hard to compare a mohoc vs gopro because each depends on your own specific needs.

For example, if you need the helmet shroud to mount NVG's which is going to be the norm, you are going to find it rather difficult to mount the GoPro as their mount is designed to be used with the shroud itself. There are way's to attach it to rails, but it also adds what looks like a brick to the side of your tactical helmet.  If you aren't using NVG's though, and perhaps your department wants footage or you are using it for more recreational purposes it could be exactly what you need. 

Perhaps you need a camera system that you don't have to worry about getting caught up in parachute risers and would pass a JMPI (see below video for you legs!) Then the MOHOC is going to be the better choice.  

 Hopefully, this quick review will allow you to figure out what will work best for your own military helmet camera set up.