Rifle Rated Ballistic Helmet Up-Armor | Defeats 7.62

These Up-Armor Plates in conjunction with the HHV ATE ballistic helmet defeat the most common rifle rounds on the market to include 5.56 M855 62 gr. and 7.62X39 Russian MSC steel penetrating rounds at full velocities with minimal backface deformation.

Diamond Age Armor has created these plates to work exclusively with our ATE GEN2 ballistic helmet. Offering a true solution to rifle threats. Currently only available in Black.

***Important*** This is a tile only, not the entire helmet. You will still need our ATE ballistic helmet for this product to work.

Customer Reviews

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Austin P.
Great for what it is.

Exactly as pictured but the only thing I still think about is why not make a protective shroud for the rear of the helmet as well? I get not very ergonomic to think about at first but I’m sure it could be done all while still accommodating NVG use. It was simple to mount the NVG mount to the front of the shroud, why would it not be easy to attach a counterweight pouch to the rear of a shroud? I get that taking a round from the rear is not likely since you will face your immediate threat head on in most cases but just a thought. Also maybe charge an extra $10 for pre painted colors matching all colors/camos you sell in your helmets.

Joel D.
Easy install, solid add-on piece for a little more peace of mind

You never know when you might face a rifle caliber threat these days, so having this up front I feel is worth the slight weight increase and cost. Good option, and easy to install. **NOTE** I was able to force my HHV helmet cover to go over it, but it took some doing. Perhaps having a helmet cover designed for use with this up armor would be a good added option?


  • Total tile weight: > 1 lb
  • Surface area: Total: 318.5 sq cm
  • Thickness: Roughly 6.22mm total, regardless of size.


  • 7.62 X 39 M43 LS 123.7 gr. Russian MSC
  • 2410 ft/s Front Impact- No Penetration - 21.206 mm BTD
  • 5.56 X 45 M855 62 gr
  • 3156 ft/s Front Impact- No Penetration - 14.306 mm BTD

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  • Silicon carbide
  • Toughened polycarbonate
  • Compressed viscoelastic padding

Ceramic armor needs to be handled with care, even with the polycarbonate shell we encase these in. We warranty these to be free of defect, but due to not having control over use of these once the product is shipped we cannot accept returns.

Currently only offered in black. You can paint these if a different color is desired, or camouflage tape works as well!

Compatibility & Installation

  • ATE GEN1 & GEN2 Ballistic Helmet Only ***Due to the different curvatures from different helmet manufactures, and more importantly fiber differences this product is only rated to the performance with our ATE's.***
  • BTE/MICH helmet on bulk orders of 50+ only. It requires drilling the shell.
  • On installation, only use one long bolt to go through the top most hole of the helmet shell, up-armor, and NVG shroud. The two bottom holes use the original shroud bolts and connect only the NVG shroud to the up-armor. They do not go through the two bottom holes of the helmet shell itself.