HHV Cigarette Pack Holder

Introducing the new Hard Head Veterans cigarette pack holder attachment for use with any helmet that has velcro! Using hook and loop circles, take your cigarettes with you on the go attached to your helmet so you always know where they are. For our Marine Corps friends, we have experimented with Crayons and they fit very well. That means snacks on the go!

Customer Reviews

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Kody S.
Fits like a glove

My one and only thing, why it's not 5 starts, it didn't come with and velcro or anything to attach it. Other than that, fits well on standard cig packs and retains them well.

chris e.
Old school charm

Perfect for holding your pack!!!

Eric S.
Thanks You!

Truly inclusive for our special needs friends.
Thank you for making sure crayons fit. Marine corps retention rates are going through the roof now.

Benjamin P.
I needed this year's ago!!

I had to buy this as soon as I saw it I knew I needed it in my life. There was sooooo many times where I'd be going through my pack looking for the smokes I wrapped up and placed in there and always found them smashed like the Hulk Hulk smashed my pack. This is awesome.