HHV ATE® Ballistic Helmet Covers

Our Tactical helmet covers are lightweight, and easy to apply or remove from the ATE® ballistic helmet or any high cut style helmet. Here's the deal, ballistic helmet covers help protect the finish on the helmet which acts as a barrier for the paint & ballistic fibers. They also allow for ease of camouflage for changing environments.

What's the Bottom Line? Our tactical helmet covers are durable, provide numerous mounting options, and will help protect your ballistic helmet.

Customer Reviews

Based on 119 reviews
Kenneth S.
Great Service

Great service and great customer service.

David T.
Helmet cover

I recently purchased a helmet cover for my ATE helmet. The thing fit like a glove. No problem with installation. Good quality well made product. Great job HHV.

Kincaid D.
Great Quality, decent fitment

Great cover but ran into minor issues with securement. Got the issues resolved myself in 5 minutes and its good to go.

Ray V.E.
One Helmet with many camouflages' patterns

Helmet Covers are well-made with rich color patterns, install is Velcro they fit better on Ballistic helmets but on the Bump, helmet draw the strings tighter for proper fit. will be buying more.

These are the features:

  • Durable tear resistant fabric

  • Stretch edge to get the perfect fit over a helmet

  • 4 velcro tabs to help secure the cover on the inside of the helmet

  • Top mounted bungee to secure accessories

  • Side elastic bands for clean wire routing

  • Velcro panels for patches and IFF

  • Designed to fit both M/L and L/XL ATE Ballistic Helmets

Adjusting the cover to fit smaller helmets; The bungee system on the top is going to be your main adjustment for smaller helmets such as a bump or small/medium ballistic. You will line up all your edges as needed, and this will force the extra material to the middle/top of the helmet. You then can use the bungee system to tighten everything up. The extra material on the top just folds under and gives a nice clean look!