HHV ATE® Ballistic Helmet

HHV ATE® Ballistic Helmet -  - 4
NIJ Level IIIA Ballistic Helmet with Above The Ear or High Cut Design. The HHV ATE® Ballistic Helmet, offers the ideal helmet for Military, Police, and Private Security Contractors. 
The ATE® Ballistic Helmet shell is made from DuPont™ Kevlar®.  The FAST or High Cut Helmet offers significant weight savings, with the ATE® weighing in at 3.00 lbs. 
Buttons showing NIJ protection, 10 year warranty, and fast shipping


 As a service provider, be it military, law enforcement or other, you should have the most modern gear at a reasonable price. Our tactical helmets are designed to give the user the best balance of comfort, protection, and versatility.  

$ 425.00