Blem Ballistic Helmet Donations For Our Protectors


Throughout production, we pull various helmets for cosmetic defects or blemishes. These helmets are 100% functional but do not meet our standards to sell at full price.


We have been the soldier or young police officer with a family, auto payment, and mortgage. We know what it's like to need gear that you are not issued or can't afford. To help, we are excited to introduce our Protector Program.


The Protector Program is for all service providers, this includes Military, Law Enforcement, Fire/EMS, Etc.


Recipients will be randomly selected from the email signup, if selected, you will receive an email to request proof of service, shipping address, and your preferred color/size. We will do our best to get you the exact helmet you want, but you may need to compromise on color. We plan to do a minimum of one donation a month, but more if we have additional blem helmets.