Tactical Helmet ATE® Bump

Tactical Helmet ATE Bump is the non-ballistic version of our ATE Ballistic helmet. Lightweight and modular, it provides the ideal bump helmet for Tactical Helmet applications, Search and Rescue (SAR), and Recreational Sports. This lightweight helmet weighs in at 1.4 lbs! Manufactured from a Polycarbonate blend the helmet offers blunt impact protection that far exceeds impact requirements not only for EN 1385: 2012, but also for AR/PD 10-02.

The tactical helmet is an essential piece of equipment for military members, law enforcement officers who are attempting to suppress a riot or others who need reliable head protection. While most helmets may look alike, they don't all perform the same.

The choice typically comes down to deciding whether a ballistic or bump helmet is the better solution. The former is designed to stop bullets, while the latter offers protection against falling debris, impact with objects and blunt force trauma.

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Great product

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My helmet


Proper Fit


  • Start by wrapping a measuring tape around the circumference of your head, just above your ears and eyebrows. Where the tape overlaps is your measurement.
  • No measuring tape? No problem! Use a piece of string to mark the overlap, then measure the string.
  • Use the size chart to find where your optimal tactical helmet size should be.
  • Also, don't worry if you choose the wrong size. We offer an easy exchange policy!

Helmet Sizes

If You Are Between Helmet Sizes, Choose The Larger Size. Every head is different, so we include two different size pad sets for you to achieve the ideal fit.

Size Chart

M / L 20 1/4" - 23 1/2"
L / XL 23 1/2" - 24 3/4"