Tactical Helmet ATE® Bump

The ATE Bump is the non-ballistic version of our ATE Ballistic helmets. Lightweight and modular, it provides the ideal bump helmet for various applications such as, Search and Rescue (SAR), Tactical Training, Hunting and Recreational Sports. This lightweight helmet weighs in at 1.4 lbs! Manufactured from a Polycarbonate blend the helmet offers blunt impact protection that far exceeds impact requirements not only for EN 1385: 2012, but also for AR/PD 10-02.

Our bump helmet is an essential piece of equipment for military members, law enforcement officers, EMS, and anyone else looking for a lightweight protective helmet that doesn't need the extra weight or protection from our ballistic helmets. 

Easy NVG mounting to our ATE bump is accomplished with our A3S shroud that works with the majority of night vision mounts on the market. Making the ATE BUMP helmet the ideal night vision helmet platform. 

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  • $260 off body armor from Adept Armor

  • 10% off at Comm Gear Supply (Headsets, etc)
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Customer Reviews

Based on 449 reviews
Richard H.
Richard Heise

Rail arm adaptors fit pretty loosely on the Peltors i have. I’d like to see the helmet covers fit a little more snug and with proper fitment over helmet mount. Outside of those things, helmets well made, pads are nice, chinstrap has great ease of use. Solid customer service and website. Need to make a product straight from the website to make ops core amp arms adaptable to the mlok mounting system.

Bo W.
Cost Effective - Will buy again

So, before diving into this, I'll articulate that I have a terrible frame of reference for rating tactical helmets. I've only worn a couple for abbreviate periods of time and those have been some years ago now. With that, I decided to begin shopping again and have had my eye on HHV for over a year now. I chose to go with this lid over a TW bump simply due to past company actions of TW part. Call me close minded and ignorant, but it is what it is.

Shipping for the HHV lid was fairly quick - Order placed 4-26 and I have tracking on 4-28. Delivery on 5-02. Upon unboxing, I was not expecting to get all of the extra pads to tailor the fit, but I'm glad they were there. They were needed. I purchased the smaller size and still needed large pads to fit the helmet properly as I did not opt for the lattice padding (yet). Finish was good and the shroud seems fairly sturdy (again, lack of frame of reference here). Airflow seems pretty good through the lid, its not too heavy (yet), and the retention straps are pretty for the price point of this helmet. Adding in that it comes with the NVG bungees is another bonus. It's just a darn good cost effective helmet in my opinion. Since I don't have a need for ballistic protection in the larping world, This helmet checks a lot of boxes for me, and I'm happy with it. I'll purchase another once I begin to explore NV for my wife.

A couple of dings I have is that the polymer seems a tad soft on the rail mount sections, but I think this could be a "me" problem by giving the fasteners one too many ugga duggas. Nothing has broken though, so this could be a non-issue. The last callout I'll make is the velcro sections above the ears are not large enough for full patches. I'm not even sure if the HHV covers have large enough panels to fit a full patch, so I'll just mention that. It's certainly not enough to make me regret the purchase or to knock it a star just yet.

All in all, I think this is a great helmet at its price point and would not hesitate to purchase again.

Joseph C.
Fast shipping!!

Great service, prompt delivery and the product seems well made. Hope it holds up! Just would like to know if this bump helmet is US or Chinese manufactured??…..

If you're on the fence, get one.

For starters, HHV customer service was fantastic. Had an issue with a lost in transit item, and they got me a replacement right away and had it just in time. The helmet is light, feels solid, comes with alot of padding, easy to adjust straps that don't rub the skin harshly like ACH straps did for me. I'm familiar with ACHs and Highcuts, I understand those are ballistic helmets and I have a mich at home i got to keep from my unit and just wanted a bump helmet. I tried some Amazon specials and by the 3rd one I ditched the helmet idea all together. Got to get hands one with this bump and ordered it the next day. For what it is, it's thee most comfortable and feasible helmet I've ever put on my big dumb noggin. Get one, support a company that doesn't sell you **** and shows some integrity.

Proper Fit


  • Start by wrapping a measuring tape around the circumference of your head, just above your ears and eyebrows. Where the tape overlaps is your measurement.
  • No measuring tape? No problem! Use a piece of string to mark the overlap, then measure the string.
  • Use the size chart to find where your optimal tactical helmet size should be.
  • Also, don't worry if you choose the wrong size. We offer an easy exchange policy!

Helmet Sizes

If You Are Between Helmet Sizes, Choose The Larger Size. Every head is different, so we include two different size pad sets for you to achieve the ideal fit.

Size Chart

M / L 20 1/4" - 23 1/2"
L / XL 23 1/2" - 24 3/4"