Night Vision Monocular PVS-14 White Phosphor

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Night vision goggles make the difference between owning the night or stumbling; blindly through it. We have partnered with Night Vision Devices, one of the largest manufacturers in the US to bring you everything you need to own the night.

Elbit Gen 3 Thin filmed White Phosphor – FOM 1900


All night vision products and accessories are controlled under export laws with guidance from International Traffic in Arms (ITAR). By purchasing equipment from Night Vision Devices, you understand that these products cannot leave the country without a valid US Dept of State License.

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Please be aware the lead times may be 18-24 weeks due to high demand. 

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PVS 14

Nice tube from a great company you can trust.

Tomasz B.
Monocular PVS-14 White Phosphor

Amazing top quality NVGs!! Hard Head Veteran company is my to go when purchasing gear!! I’m waiting for their new lineup.

Michal S.

Night Vision Monocular PVS-14 White Phosphor

Andrew C.
"It's a very nice" Borat

As of may2023 I bought it on Friday and was playing with it the following Friday, so don't get scared away by the backorder or lead time.
Very clean tube, and the spec. are better than expected.

Christopher T.
Excellent Quality and Complete Kit

The PVS-14 White Phosphor kit arrived more quickly than expected. All standard military-style-issue accessory items were included, inside a protective soft case. The device is exactly as described with zero imperfections in the viewing area. Love the WP. Definitely glad I went with the HHV discount (I also have their excellent lite ballistic helmet), a total, total win. Thanks HHV!!

The NVD-PVS-14 Night Vision Monocular is the all around best multi functional night vision monocular available. Head or helmet mounted, the PVS-14 allows the user to retain their night adapted vision in one eye while viewing their surroundings through the illuminated eyepiece of the PVS-14. The new battery housing completes the perfect package by allowing the user to power off the unit when in an upright position and power on when flipped down.

Another strength is its ability to be weapon mounted behind most collimated daylight aimers and Refl ex sights such as the ACOG, Aimpoint and EO Tech systems. This allows the user the ability to use their PVS-14 both as a night vision monocular for increased mobility and tactical awareness and as a short range weapon sight.

Gain control gives the user the ability to increase or decrease the tube gain. Under extremely dark conditions, gain control allows the user to adjust the gain upward, giving a better image. Under high light conditions, details can be washed out due to an excess of light. Lowering the system gain can allow those details to be better seen. Additional features of the PVS-14 include an infrared LED with LED indicator and a low battery indicator.

With our expansive capabilities and strategic partnerships, we are able to custom build any of our NVD manufactured products with Image Intensifi ers from either Elbit Systems of America®, Photonis® or L3Harris®. This includes green and white phosphor and thin or un-fi lmed image tubes.

This system complies with MIL-PRF-49324(CR), MIL-PRF-49427(CR) and MIL-STD-810G.