Compatibility Recommendations

Provided here is an ever-growing list of helmet options that you can use to customize your HHV ATE® Ballistic Helmet. The ATE® Ballistic Helmet was designed to provide the user with a solid entry level helmet, suitable for combat operations, but compatible with other manufactures liners, accessories, and even 3rd party products. While the shroud, liner, pads, rails and other accessories that come with our ATE® helmets work great, we understand each user has unique needs for their gear, and we're here to help. 

Helmet Shrouds

There are really only two companies that we would suggest in terms of shrouds, both offer excellent alternatives to our shroud.  

Wilcox is a long-time manufacturer of NVG mounts and shrouds. They make excellent products, and their L4 series 3 hole shrouds typically include a NVG retention or "dummy cord" in case you take a blow hard enough to knock your NVGs from the mount.

Norotos is another industry standard in terms of shrouds. Their 3 hole and universal shrouds are compatible with our helmets.


Our shroud works well with the following mounts and a few others, as well: 

Wilcox G24 NVG Mount, Norotos AKA2 Mount, Norotos INVG Mount, U.S. Army Standard Rhino Arm. 

Helmet Padding/Liners

Team Wendy has long been the choice of many for improved comfortably and impact protection. They have also led the charge in preventing concussions, TBI, and blast related TBI with their R&D in helmet liners.

They offer a full line of helmet padding and liners, and you really can't go wrong with any of them.

Ops-Core (Now GENTEX) offers their Lux Liner which also offers great shockwave attenuation and comfort.

Oregon Arrow & Skydex offers pads that reflect what you will find in an issued helmet. Big, Bulky, and Safe. (Great browband pad) 



Team Wendy is the innovator, here again, offering a number of great options. Our favorite is their Cam Fit™ Retention system. It uses a BOA technologies closure dial and is able to achieve the perfect fit.

Ops-Core (Now GENTEX) offers their ACH Head-Loc™ Retention System X-Nape and H-Nape systems. These were the original replacement to the horrible retention systems you found on issued ACH's.  They are simple, work great, and certified by SOCOM for SL and MFF if you have a picky jump-master.

Helmet Accessories  

Just about every helmet accessory you find will work with our ATE® helmet. If not, the manufacturer of the accessory will typically offer an adapter that will work with the standard rail systems you find on most manufactured helmets.