About us

Who we are

Hard Head Veterans is a Veteran Owned Small Business that Provides Quality Ballistic Helmets at a Reasonable Cost.

We are veterans of the United States most current conflicts. Many of us still serve today either in a reserve or contracting roles. Every member on our team is uniquely connected to the military or law enforcement and, therefore, better able to serve you. We have been there and understand the needs. We also understand that needed gear sometimes doesn't get into the right hands until it's too late. We know that you end up spending thousands of your own dollars to buy gear you should have been supplied with in the first place. 

What we do

Our goal is to provide the war fighter, the officer, and the common citizen quality protection he or she deserves at a reasonable price. Budgets are tight from the federal and state level down to you and me. Our helmets are aimed to fit a tight budget without sacrificing safety and usability.   We know from our own experience that every user has specific needs, so we designed a helmet that is compatible almost across the board.

How we do it

We have a network of approved manufacturers from all of the world. We bring them all together for assembling, testing and certification in the United States. Our sourced parts range from Asia, Europe, and even right here in the States. We use American materials for our helmet shell and have them produced overseas. Each helmet passes a rigorous quality control check before they are shipped to our customers.

Our testing

We use certified NIJ labs here in the United States for all of our testing. It's vital to you and our company that our quality control and testing adequately audits our products. That's why we randomly test each batch of our products to ensure that the protection offered is meeting and exceeding stated standards. Please send us an email if you would like to view a testing report. 

The bottom line

Our gear has been downrange and has always performed flawlessly. We got tired of companies over-charging for simple protection gear and decided to do something about it. Hard Head Veterans was born from this, and we plan to make the most vital gear available to all of our fellow patriotic Americans.