MICH/ECH HHV BTE® Plus Ballistic Helmet

This BTE Plus ballistic helmet is designed for those who want all the premium features of our ATE ballistic helmet, but also has the extra ballistic protection that a below-the-ear helmet cut can offer.

This helmet includes the following already installed.

- A3S NVG Helmet Shroud

- HHV M-LOK Rails

- HHV Multi-Layer Pad System

- HHV Maglock X-Pad Suspension System

The BTE® Ballistic Helmet shell is pressed with with ballistic fibers from Dupont®(USA) or Teijin®(Netherlands), overseas in China. Providing best-in-class protection at an affordable price. Made from DuPont™ Kevlar®. The Helmet offers significant weight savings, with the BTE® weighing in at 3.04 - 3.61 lbs.

Protector Exclusives With Purchase (you will receive an email with links and codes after purchase)

  • $500 off Night Vision from NVD

  • $260 off body armor from Adept Armor

  • 10% off at Comm Gear Supply (Headsets, etc)
  • 10% off code at Mira Safety Gas Masks

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Customer Reviews

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This is what you need

It’s no coincidence that many companies are starting to peddle slap on armor for the open ear area on a high cut. If you are going ballistic and not bump, don’t sacrifice protection for perceived comfort. My headset fits under it just fine.

p.s. - Having a headset that is not attached to the rail of the helmet like your favorite influencer means you can stow the helmet and retain comms so you don’t hate your life (as much) while hiking. That, and you still have a perfectly good headset to casually take to the range without scaring the fudds with your ballistic helmet

D. M.
Best Cherry On The Body Armor Cake!!

Very speedy order to delivery, communicated the entire time.
Very impressed with the packaging, adjustment pads and ease of comfort fit.
Not to mention, High end quality Top to Bottom.
I would trust my cranium safety to no other than America's true Patriot's... OUR HARD HEADED VETERANS!!


Really good quality I even got the special pads for it and it is totally CASH MONEY G

Miles B.
Good brain buckets

Great helmet. Great fit. I like that you can customize your fit depending on what gear is being used. The magnetic strap disconnect; holds tight and is easy to release. Great pricing on product and gear, as well as a very fast ship time. Good company! Good products!

Proper Fit


  • Start by wrapping a measuring tape around the circumference of your head, just above your ears and eyebrows. Where the tape overlaps is your measurement.
  • No measuring tape? No problem! Use a piece of string to mark the overlap, then measure the string.
  • Use the size chart to find where your optimal tactical helmet size should be.
  • Also, don't worry if you choose the wrong size. We offer an easy exchange policy!

Size Chart

BTE (MICH/ECH) Sizing Small Medium Large Large/XL
Head/Hat Size (US) Up to 7 1/4 7 1/4 - 7 3/4 7 3/4 - 8 1/4 8 1/4 and up
Head Circumference (in) Up to 21 1/4 21 1/4 - 22 1/2 22 1/2 - 23 1/2 23 1/2 and up
Weights 3.04 LBS 3.25 LBS 3.41 LBS 3.61 LBS