Sordin/Liberator Adapters -Fits most wire helmet mounts for headsets

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They will work with MSA Sordins and most Safariland Liberator headsets. 

These adapters work by sliding over the wires of most helmet mounted headset adapters such as our Rail Adapter Kit.


  • MSA Sordin models 
  • Most Safariland Liberator models

What Comes with:

  • Four (4 units) of Adapter Mounts
  • Four (4 units) Set Screws

Installation & Use Tips

  • You will have to remove the ear muff cover to gain access to the studs these adapters fit on.
  • There are snap rings that hold on the studs, you will need a pair of snap ring pliers to make this easy. We suggest .038" Lange 3485 Pliers for this! 
  • This video is a great demo on how to install!

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