HHV Comfort PLUS Military Helmet Pads (For FAST, MICH, ACH,ECH)

Here's the deal: Anyone who has issued military helmet pads knows the fatigue, hot spots, and overall discomfort caused by poorly designed combat helmet pads. Now HHV's Comfort PLUS Ballistic Helmet Pads not only bring a new level of comfortability but protection as well. We utilize a 2 layer system inside our pads. The first layer designed for added blunt and impact resistance. While the second comfort layer is comprised of a proprietary memory foam layer that provides all-day comfort. The pads are then covered in moisture wicking fabric. Want to know the best part? HHV helmet pads fit FAST, MICH, and ACH or ECH helmets.

Customer Reviews

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Edward B.

Great pads very comfortable , Fabric seems to come apart from the corners. Team at HHV great customer service and support. #1 in my book

Eathan P.
Cushy Noggin Pads

My expectations were low but I wasn't let down, they are literally more comfortable and snug. Having used MIL pads before, I'm too familiar with the discomfort, the pressure spots, and constant adjusting to find a better position for the pads. The sizing and shape of HHV pads solved those problems for me, being really comfortable for long periods of time and great at forming to my head space. The forehead pad is especially a godsend.
My only complaint is how easily the outer cloth of the pad rips, I tried to carefully pull a pad up to reposition it during fitment and the seam bust open.
Otherwise, awesome pads.

Tyler M.
Pad torn

Have only worn the helmet with pads twice and the pad next to the brow pad is tearing already. They do make it much more comfortable!

Hi Tyler, shoot us an email with a photo and we can get a replacement going. Also, be careful when you re-position these and pull them up from the bottom.

Hector f.T.
Excellent Product!

Recently, I refurbished an older, F6 MACH 3 helmet I used when active duty in my last unit. The issued pads were the typical "lowest bidder" quality and had to replace them. I didn't want to go with just any item, and looked into the HHV Comfort PLUS Military Helmet Pads.

They're incredibly sturdy, durable,
and most importantly, comfortable to wear! HHV and their quality assurance team sure did good with this product and even though they're on sale, they're worth every penny if they went back full price. You're a fool to not jump on this great deal on an amazing product!

Hector from Texas! 👍

Blunt Impact Uni-Axial Tests with ATE® Ballistic Helmet

  • AR/PD 10-02 dictates a Maximum Peak G of 150 G.

  • HHV Comfort PLUS™ Helmet Pads: AVG of 8 Impacts, 72.6 G.

Backface Deformation with Comfort PLUS™ Pads, tested with ATE® Ballistic Helmet

  • BFD: Avg less than 14mm all locations (front/back/crown/sides)

HHV Comfort PLUS™ Helmet Pads Compatability

  • ACH, MICH, LWH, ECH, Crye Precision, Ops-Core, MTEK, Revision, Gentex, BAE, United Shield, and most others that utilize Velcro® attachment.