October Customer In the Spotlight

October Customer In the Spotlight

October 10, 2016


A little background you. (Name, General Location, what you enjoy, occupation, military or LEO experience)

Steve L. - Location - Large East Coast City . Full time police officer for the last 7 years.

What does a day in your life look like?

My day starts off with roll call where we go over recent crime. Then it's off to uniform and vehicle inspections. After that, we hit the streets and try to do the best job we can.

What do you love most about your profession?

What I love most about being in law enforcement is never knowing what's going to happen on any given day. Going from call to call never knowing what to fully expect is exciting and doesn't get boring.

What sort of work do you encounter in your daily life?

My current assignment is patrol. Working traffic, answering calls for service, and trying to do some proactive enforcement takes up most of the shift. In between I try to check on our 24 hour stores to make sure they're safe.

How did you discover Hard Head Veterans, what made you want to buy?

Immediately after the tragic shooting of police officers in Dallas, I made the decision to invest in some extra armor for situations that may require it. I searched online for ballistic helmets and stumbled across HHV. After viewing the website and seeing that the company is run by veterans and also offered a great product for a great price, I didn't hesitate to purchase. It was important to me to support HHV in their mission. I try to support any business that is run by or hires veterans.

How has Hard Head Veterans impacted or improved things at work or outside work? What were your first thoughts when you received our helmet?

I work permanent midnight shift and often times we don't have the resources that would normally be available during the day. Having the extra protection of the HHV helmet gives me some peace of mind knowing I have great gear to support me if I should need it.

My first thoughts when I got the helmet were "damn, this is a nice piece of gear". It was packed securely, came with some rail accessories and a nice storage bag. I knew immediately I made the right choice to buy from HHV. I couldn't imagine paying double or triple the price for the other brands.

Would you recommend the helmet to a friend?

I would definitely recommend this helmet to friends and fellow officers and already have. I keep the HHV patch on the back of the helmet to show exactly where I got it.

Anything else you would like to add, good or bad, improvements or other!

I would just like to thank HHV for making such an outstanding product and coming in at a price that's affordable for those that purchase their own protection. I've since upgraded the retention system to a Team Wendy BOA system and it works perfectly with the HHV helmet. Keep up the great work, I can't wait to see what you guys have in the future!

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