Protecting your head in a fight...Against Mother Nature

October 26, 2017 5 min read

Protecting your head in a fight...Against Mother Nature

Not too long ago we posted about helmets and their "less than conventional" uses. Often, we associate ballistic head protection with kicking in doors and nonpermissive environments. Lately, we have seen mother nature reek havoc from border to border and coast to coast. Taking necessary steps to protect your skull is important. HHV is one of many solutions to affordable ballistic headwear that is proving to be a necessity whether you are a defender of freedom or not!

Hurricane Harvey slammed into the gulf coast with winds of up to 130 mph, pretty normal for a major storm of its magnitude. Once objects that aren't nailed...welded down, now pose a grave danger to anyone in its path. That's obvious; most of us...all of us who have the ability to reason will seek cover and not subject ourselves to objects hurled into the air at speeds faster than most domestic vehicles travel. 

We have used a little G2 [common sense] and removed ourselves from the immediate elements. Now, what are we doing to ensure we remain vigilant or functional to render aid to our children or other family members should the need arise? As they say during a safety brief on an airplane [when referencing oxygen masks] "secure your mask before you help those around you." This is not so you can be selfish or inconsiderate...It's a nice way to say that if you're incapacitated, you will be no use to those that aren't.  

Texas Strong
Rockport, Texas was virtually decimated when the first major hurricane of 2017 made landfall. The injuries sustained from hurricane Harvey were not from flying objects according to, the major injuries were sustained from infrastructure failing and roofs falling in on those seeking shelter.

After Harvey dissipated, rescue efforts began. Determined Americans from all over our country showed up in droves to help as many who were affected by the storm as they could. Those of us who were unable to help watched as citizens and first responders dug through the rubble and patrolled in flat-bottomed boats seeking out stranded and distressed residents. Often, motoring up to a tree and having to climb the rest of the way to the roof to gain access because the house was flooded.  

Although we have not found many articles or reports indicating injuries sustained during rescue operations, it is almost inevitable that they happened. The types of people who respond to disasters like Harvey and Irma, don't want to publicize anything, in fact, many do it for free. 

The Wildfires of 2017

Yes, a significantly more slippery slope than the aforementioned hurricanes. Weather comes and goes and leaves disaster in its path, in the grand scheme of things, it starts and stops fairly quickly. The wildfires that have crippled a large portion of California spread so fast and their reach is virtually unstoppable. 
Rescue efforts were comparable, the only difference, the men, and women who conduct them are specially trained and equipped to protect against heat and smoke inhalation. If patriots would have been able to help, just as they did with Harvey and Irma, rest assured they would have. When the rubber hits the road having a helmet on hand as a resident or inhabitant of the area still remains as crucial as it is with other natural disasters. 

Two police cars on the highway during a hurricane.

While evacuating, visibility is limited. Whether traveling on foot or by vehicle the chance for a collision with other vehicles is more likely...if you are evacuating others are too. Donning a helmet while driving gives you the added protection against severe injury in the time of chaos and uncertainty. 

Moon Bats

A man who was perceived to disagree with ANTIFA and other domestic terror groups is knocked to the ground and beaten This is where we would like to say that we are getting a bit "far-fetched" but unfortuneately, we cannot. In today's age of the abundant toxicity of social and mainstream media, where people seem to thrive on controversy and division it seems the proverbial wick to something bad happening is being burnt from both ends.

We witnessed this during the election and inauguration of our current President. People threw rocks, set fires and destroyed other property because they didn't agree with an outcome. Recently, there is chatter of other hate groups planning to cause civil unrest and with one domestic terror group...they are calling for an all out civil war, taking place in virtually every big city across the US. 
A member of "ANTIFA" hurls a glass bottle filled with M80 fireworks into a crowd
Far fetched...depends on who you ask...but it is far-fetched...until it's not. We are not advocating to be a part of any disturbance to peace or civility, however, it may look. Many of our responsibilities start and end with our families. Our ability to defend them, again, hinges upon our ability to stay mobile. When groups of people are throwing...anything, getting hit in the dome can and will take you out.  

We ask you to imagine a scenario of civil unrest unfolding in front of you. A large group of heathenist punks setting fire to trash cans, throwing whatever is not nailed down and kicking in windows to a building that you may or may not be working in...
How do you plan to get to your vehicle or get off the proverbial X? what gear do you have at your disposal to ensure safety? When rocks and other damaging objects are thrown, the only protection that will keep you mobile is a helmet

Enabling Equipment
Yes, we can and eventually will add to the sea of "bug out" gear articles. For now, we are speaking to helmets specifically and the "other than combat" applications pertinent to current events. 

Hard Head Veterans is at the leading edge of the affordable ballistic helmet sword. If you're just tuning in, their helmets are hyper-functional with rails, shrouds comfortable head-liners and a new and improved padding system designed and developed to withstand more impact with even more comfort. IF you have the gear and training that goes with HHV's accoutrements. Every one of their helmets is NIJ rated and certified against ballistic protection blunt force and crush standards. You can check out our other articles as we lined out what actually goes into each one of their helmets here. 

At the end of the day, 90% of Americans do not have a specific need for combat equipment nor do they want it "cluttering" up their spaces. HHV has a solution to that...a protective bag can be purchased to store your headgear and some other small essential "bug out" items you may want or need. After you read this, go and add one to your cart. The helmet is compact enough that it will fit into a backpack or other means of carrying for mobility and to have at an arm's length if needed.

What's the Point
It's simple. When disaster hits, having the proper gear to ensure safety is imperative. You don't have to take the stance that the sky is falling...although, if it were, HHV has your six to ensure your melon isn't damaged. 

For the price that HHV has on their products, one who is conscious of their surroundings can outfit him or herself and a family member for the price it would cost to outfit one person with a competitor brand. The standard that HHV follows is strict and the quality assurance is second to none. In the off chance that a defective helmet makes it to your doorstep [comparable to a snowflakes chance in hell] their no questions asked policy will get a new one out the door as soon as humanly possible [this does not include negligence on the end users behalf]. You can't put a price tag on what is in between your ears in money and chance!