Hard Head Veteran's Ballistic Helmet Bag Review

Hard Head Veteran's Ballistic Helmet Bag Review

April 16, 2018

We have had a number of questions on our ballistic helmet bag since our last post about the various helmet bags available on the market.  So we decided to do a review on our own bag in hopes of providing some additional information! 


Most of the questions center around storage options and size. Along with compatibility with other helmets. Our bag is designed specifically to work with our ballistic helmets, but will still work with others such as Team Wendy, or MTEK ballistic helmets. Just about any high-cut is going to fit great. Furthermore, we tapered the bag design at the bottom to allow the user to leave most NVG mounts attached to the helmet while in storage. 


HHV's Ballistic Helmet Bag loadout


Above you will see some of the most common items associated with a ballistic helmet system. These may include NVG's, various covers, lights, adapters of every nature, counterweights, spare pads, and more. Instead of having to dig through your pelican box or gear locker to try and find all these smaller items, a helmet bag keeps them organized and easy to locate. 


Ballistic Helmet Bag with helmet inside.


When packing the bag we like to keep the most expensive items as protected as possible. We have found you can typically fit your comms headset, in addition to your NVG's, even in their own bag, inside of the helmet itself. This provides them with excellent protection and ensures they can never be squished. Just for fun, we have compression tested our lids at the lab for maximum compression of up to 1000 lbs before machine limitations cut the test short. Rest assured your night vision devices and comms sets are about as safe as they can get when placed inside the helmet, inside our helmet bag! 

Speaking of inside, we did place one small divider flap on the interior of the bag for more organization. We like to place soft goods here such as ballistic helmet covers, and spare pads. 


Helmet Bag showing inside divider.


The front compartment of the bag is the ideal spot for all your loose items. This typically includes the various mount accessories, lights, strobes, spare batteries, and just about anything else. We used a mesh divider for better organization, and quick access to items in this compartment as well. 


Mesh divider on front compartment of our ballistic helmet bag.


Finally, on the exterior of the bag, we added a few more options for storage, modularity, carry options, and patches. Located on the top of the bag are a carry handle, MOLLE strip, and velcro. 


Top view of ballistic helmet bag


On one side of the bag, we also include a full MOLLE web panel to secure additional pouches or bags. Most NVG bags come with a MOLLE strip and some people prefer to mount that here for ease of access. It also makes a great place to keep a few tools stuck in the webbing, or just about any other use you can think of. You will also see a D-Clip for the shoulder carry harness that is included as well. 


MOLLE webbing on helmet bag


On the opposite side, we added another mesh compartment. Again you can stick just about anything in here, but we really like adding our spare batteries, or other items that we are accessing regularly. 


Helmet bag with mesh compartment on outside.


To finish the bag off, you guys let us know that it would be really nice to be able to secure this ballistic helmet bag to other gear. Be it a large kit bag, backpack, or anything else that is MOLLE compatible we made it happen! 


Helmet Bag with MOLLE


Our bag is one of many out of numerous options on he market. If you haven't already, we would suggest you check out this blog post on some of the other options and see what will work best for you! 


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