Customer In The Spotlight | September | Hard Head Veterans

September 07, 2018 3 min read

Customer In The Spotlight | September | Hard Head Veterans

What's your name and job?

My name is Ahmed and I’m a SGT in the US Army

What does a day in your life look like? (Walk us through your normal day)

I’m the senior medic for a task force running site security. Also, being the only medic here a lot of my work is mostly admin. I live for the days we get to do “real” soldier things, shoot-move-communicate. Coming from a line unit to a task force filled with support personnel, you can see the hunger in these soldiers to feel like real soldiers. I ordered my HHV ATE a few weeks ago and received it here just in time for some range days. Being an NCO meant being right on the line coaching and mentoring the soldiers. Marksmanship fundamentals and mastering the basics, as a lot of these individuals don’t get to touch their weapons as regularly as the combat MOSs. This is the type of thing I live for. I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to rock my bangin new helmet and boy let me tell you, what a world of a difference it is from the ECH. I had this thing on my head the entire day in 90+ degree weather with 90%+ humidity and wasn’t bothered by it at all, forgot it was even there most of the time, a feat that would’ve been impossible with the SI helmets and pads. I was sold. Every penny of investment in it was worth it.


What makes you get up in the morning?

I pretend that every day has it out for me and that I need to get the best of it. I have soldiers that rely on me and my guidance in order to overcome challenges. Every day is the next step to my future goals, and above all, I love what I do. I love waking up before the sun rises and bust my ass working out, I love putting on my uniform knowing I’m part of an exclusive brotherhood of warriors, I love helping the people around me.


What do you love about your profession?

Everything medical. I enjoy being the SME and knowing I’ve helped soldiers take better care of themselves and their health. I practice daily and make myself always available to the soldiers of my unit day and night. I take great pride in being the one they rely on for more than just their medical needs, they also respect my opinion as an experienced Paratrooper.


What lead you to become a soldier, officer, etc?

Sitting in my shitty apartment in my first year of college during the UBL raid I made my decision. I was tired of the monotony of school and the immaturity of my peers. I wanted to do something more, become a warrior.


What are the most challenging aspects of your profession?

Sometimes I’m not supported and the medical aspect of the mission is overlooked in favor of being “hooah”. I know what’s right and I’ve butt heads with more senior officers/nco’s when I fought for what I knew was right and what’s best for the soldiers.


What do you love to do in your free time?

Shooting, hiking, reading, video games, working out, cooking bangin foods, but currently most of my free time is taken up with college classes and being the everyman for my current unit.


What are your thoughts on the HHV ATE Helmet?

It’s the effing Bee’s Knees. Boy let me tell you, definitely opt for the upgraded pads. It’s comfortable, lightweight, and looks badass. I thought at first that it was too good to be true, but after rocking for 8-10hours for multiple days, I’m sold. I recommend it to everyone I can. I let them try it on and feel that difference. If only they’d become more standard issue. And the fact that they exceed ballistic standards make it all the better for daily use.


ATE Ballistic Helmet in use by US Army