Ballistic Helmet Bags-Protect Your Gear, Protect Yourself.

March 19, 2018 3 min read

Ballistic Helmet Bags-Protect Your Gear, Protect Yourself.

Are You Protecting Your Gear?

"Take care of your gear and it will take care of you" applies just as much to ballistic helmets as it does every other piece of gear you have. Not to mention when you really think about it, your helmet gear may be some of the most expensive gear you own. Let's run down the costs of ballistic helmet gear and see where you might be.

  • Ballistic Helmet- $300-1500
  • Comms Headset- $300-1000
  • Night Vision Goggles $1000-50,000
  • NVG Shroud and NVG Mounts: $350-950
  • Ballistic Helmet Accessories (lights, strobes, cameras, adapters, etc: $500-1000

That ends up being on the low end more than your rifle or radio that you probably keep in a decent case. So it only makes sense that you should be sticking your ballistic helmet gear into something equally protective when not in use. Dedicated ballistic helmet bags or cases are not only going to keep your gear organized but protect it from the normal abuses in the back of your squad car or squished under everyone else's gear on that aircraft pallet. Lucky for use there are a number of great options to secure your ballistic helmet gear. 


Flight Helmet Bags

One of the least expensive options out there, and you can probably pick one up from an Army surplus store are the flight helmet bags commonly issued to pilots and flight crew. They typically include a lightweight padded lining and a zipper closure on the top. Some will include outside pockets, carry handles, or shoulder straps. If you want to be cheap and are not too worried about all you gear jumbling together these oversized purses are going to be perfect for you. 

Flight Crew Helmet bag for ballistic helmet


PIG BBC-2 Helmet Bag

This gem from SKD Tactical which is adequately named "Brain Bucket Carrier" (BBC) has a drawstring closure system at the top that we really like. Along with two external accessory pockets to store everything from NVGs, to lose helmet gear such as batteries, mounts, and adapters. Available in Ranger Green, Black, Grey, Multicam and Multicam Black you should be able to find a color that works for you. Finally, the integrated ID window, velcro panels, and sturdy carry handle make the PIG BBC-2 helmet bag a great option to protect your ballistic helmet! 


SKD PIG BBC Helmet Bag


Team Wendy Transit Pack by Mystery Ranch

It should come as no surprise that any product coming out of Mystery Ranch is top notch. Renown for their amazing packs, they did a wonderful job for the Team Wendy helmet bag. The cool thing we like about this combat helmet bag is the clamshell opening and moveable internal pockets that can be placed anywhere within the bag itself. It even has a drawcord bag for your NVGs to secure underneath your helmet.  Only available in MultiCam or Coyote Brown with lots of MOLLE, velcro, and even shoulder straps. This helmet bag has all your needs covered and then some. 

Team Wendy Helmet Bag


First Spear Helmet Hut

First Spear is another company that is known for providing extremly high-quality gear and their ballistic Helmet Hut is a great example of this quality. It features internal pockets for organization, and a retention strap in the middle to secure your helmet. This ensures your lid stays in the center of the helmet bag where it's best protected. It's offered in Black, Coyote, MultiCam, and Ranger Green with a nice carry handle and attachment points for a carrying sling. While on the higher price side of helmet bags, it provides the user with a great desgin and of course protection for your ballistic helmet and gear. 

First Spear Helmet Hut for ballistic helmets


Hard Head Veterans Combat Helmet Bag

Last, but not least is our very own Combat Helmet Bag. We designed the bag to provide the most padded protection possible, while still keeping the overall size to a minimum. It features a front exterior zipper compartment with a netted separating compartment for NVG's or headsets. A netted side storage area for quick grab items and an interior compartment as well. We also included plenty of MOLLE and velcro, for additional options. The tapered design allows you to leave your NVG mount attached to your helmet, even in storage. Available in MultiCam, Black, Tan, and OD, we kept it reasonably priced as always and may be just the right option for you! 


Best Ballistic Helmet Bag


Hopefully, we have convinced you that your ballistic helmet and associated gear is worth protecting. Furthermore, you should have enough information and options for your lid, from the list above that you won't have any issues making sure to take care of your gear!