A Combat Helmet That Makes Sense

November 14, 2016 3 min read

A Combat Helmet That Makes Sense

HHV ATE Tactical Helmet



Team Wendy, Ops Core, Crye…All very reputable solutions to head borne operations! Battle tested and proven; there are a few variables that play a significant role in procuring them. Price point (for the vast majority of consumers), lead times, interoperability and accessorisation. Where is the happy medium? Can you honestly sit back and recite allof the companies that have tried to bring a cost andcombat effective helmet to market? Somewhere in between hundreds and thousands. We commend them on their efforts, but when it comes to the best bang for your buck, you can't beat the Hard Head Veterans Above The Ear(ATE) level IIIA ballistic helmet!

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The ATE helmet from HHV has made a pretty large splash in the tactical world in the short amount of time it has been on the market. All of the accessories up to and including the WARCOM 3 hole shroud is drilled and installed before reaching the hard end user; a standard that leading manufacturers set quite some time ago. Those behind the assembly and design of the ATE ensure that no matter how the rails are attached to the helmet they are there to stay! The side rails on the ATE are compatible with virtually every adapter on the market!

Helmet Rails


Tight Fit

The ATE helmet comes standard with its bolted and fully adjustable headliner. HHV uses the most current technology and what LE and Military guys suggest making their product better for the end users. Combining comfort with practicality, the padding within the ATE is precisely both! Warfighters and Law Enforcement usually have their helmets on for duration of hours if they need to be donned. HHV has made sure the most comfortable fit with the most shock absorption possible with whichever headliner and padding is installed. The ATE comes standard with a headliner similar to OpsCor (Now Gentex) HeadLoc NAPE system. Highly unlikely, but IFyou are not happy with the supplied headliner and chinstrap retention Team Wendy, and Gentex systems will fit without modifications. There is no need to struggle with the pads supplied with the ACH helmet any longer. Adding extreme comfort to total practicality HHV’s ATE fits like a glove and will withstand the same blast standards as SOCOM and approved by various jumpmasters across the globe!

 HHV dial liner


Night Ops

The ATE ballistic helmet comes standard with the pre-drilled 3-hole WARCOM shroud to accommodate both Wilcox and Norotos NVG mounts. The supplied shroud is made from T6061 aircraft aluminum, as any quality accessories would be. Snapping whichever NVG devise into place is easy and essentially worries free especially if you use the supplied bungee straps. Typical mounts come with a single button shroud plate that marries up with the shroud bolted into place. We have tested the helmet with early generations of the AN-PVS 14 and 15s. We noticed little shift and movement while conducting operations in war zones.

 Helmet shrouds


Stick and Go

There is nothing more frustrating that substandard Velcro! Every good operator is clad in the hook and loop material (not really but you catch our drift right). From illum to identification, there is a no shit practical application for Velcro. Various companies throughout the industry is leading the charge in efficiency and effectiveness within the warfighter and law enforcement communities. S&S precision being one of them. We removed our Vlites from their packaging and stuck them on the back of our HHV ATE. During the hours of limited visibility identification of teammates is imperative, especially when NVGs are not being used. Turn one of the two (or however many you have) and continue mission! If you are an avid jumper at night, such illumination devices are crucial in safety and operational effectiveness. This is made possible by the high quality loop Velcro stuck precisely into place at the nape of the helmet, on each side above the side rails and on the top where we have placed an S&S precision manta strobe.

 Helmet Strobes

Having multiple options to choose from within the tactical gear world is essential to successful missions; no matter what they are and where they’re taking place. Hard Head Veterans ATE helmet offers the versatility without getting painted into one specific manufacturer's corner. Think of the ATE as a “frankenhelmet” of sorts. They have taken all of the effectiveness of previous manufacturers and rolled into one multiple use option.