Team Wendy Revolve™ Helmet Pad Reivew

Team Wendy Revolve™ Helmet Pad Reivew

May 05, 2016


Team Wendy's Revolve™ helmet pads are a different addition to the normal Team Wendy lineup. The main goal with the revolve system is to give the "highest level of impact protection available on the market." While we couldn't find their actual testing data on this we have no doubt that the system accomplishes exactly that. 

Team Wendy Revolve System



The pads are made up of thermoplastic urethane (TPU) impact structures, Zorbium® foam and milspec wicking fabric comfort pads. To us knuckle draggers that means it has plastic with soft foam that will take away some of the sweat. What it does though is create a crumple zone during impact to help protect your brain bucket from say the power of a 44 magnum. 

Revlove helmet pad


Our thoughts:

When we first received this set our initial thoughts were that the pads were going to be rather uncomfortable because of the stiffness of the plastic and minimum foam padding. After about 8 hours of wear time though we were pretty impressed with the comfortability. They certainly aren't as comfortable as other options out there, but they are very bearable and no worse than what you already probably have.    

Close up of Revolve Helmet pads

Our thoughts continued:

Installation was a breeze into our Hard Head Veterans ATE® Ballistic Helmet already sporting Team Wendy's CAM Fit retention system. Simply velcro it in and you are ready to try it on.

Revolve Helmet Pads


The major downside to this system is the amount of space it takes up in the helmet. If you are close to the line in the sizing department you will have to go up a helmet size.

Backside of revlove helmet pads



Another great product by Team Wendy. If impact mitigation is at the top of your list, you would be hard pressed to find a better pad system.   


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