Zero G Helmet Liner Pads Review

Zero G Helmet Liner Pads Review

April 02, 2016

Helmet Pads and a Good Nights Sleep

Hard Head Veterans recently received a set of Zero G helmet Liner Pads for our HHV ATE® ballistic helmet. As many of you know, finding a comfortable pad system can be an exasperating experience. These pads from Zero G will make your life a little more comfortable. 



What makes Zero G Pads Special

The pads look pretty ordinary, but that goes out the window once you plop them on your head though. Think memory foam and clouds! 

Zero G Helmet pads

There is no bottoming out, even with extra weight, and they still form to your head beautifully. Aside from the normal must haves; fire retardant, moisture wicking, and energy dissipation, the pads give you that fall into bed filling.  Not entirely sure what they put in these, but feels like a lightweight memory foam. 


Zero G pad


We did find a few cons and things to note with the pads though. The first being that these things are pretty thick. If you are close in your helmet size you may need to go up a size to accommodate these. 

There also isn't a ton of information out about these either. We are forwarding these pads to some quiet professionals to test them out and get some more input.  

If all goes well you guys may see them as an option at checkout for our ATE® ballistic helmets. 

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