June's Customer In The Spotlight

June 02, 2017 BrassTacs Actual

June Tactical Helmet customer Spotlight


A little background you. (Name, General Location, what you enjoy, occupation, military or LEO experience)


Southern Afghanistan

Married with three fantastic kids.

Currently serving (since 2008) as the senior Civilian Law Enforcement Advisor in southern Afghanistan.

Prior US Marine (0311).

Retired Law Enforcement Agent (Patrolman, Detective, Special Agent, Bomb Tech, SRT Counter Sniper, Firearms & Defensive Tactics Instructor. 30+ years total LE).


What does a day in your life look like?


Get up and either go out with US Military Advisors for Train, Advise, Assist (TAA) missions; prepare assessments & briefings; conduct training for US & Coalition Forces; hit the gym; and (most importantly) text, call, or (when possible) video chat with my wife and children.


What do you love most about your profession?


The most rewarding part is helping others. Whether that's helping innocent people who are being preyed upon by criminals, insurgents, or terrorist; or whether it's helping teach or share the lessons I've been blessed to have learned in my career with younger Marines/Soldiers, NCOs, Officers of our great military.

Having Marines or Soldiers, with whom I've been honored to have been allowed to accompany out on missions in Iraq or Afghanistan, reach out to you and tell you how something you shared with, or taught them was used to keep themselves or their Brothers/Sisters alive...... That's simply PRICELESS!!


What sort of work do you encounter in your daily life?


Assisting Coalition military Advisors understand civil policing processes and techniques; assisting host nation police forces in their investigations; and assisting in identifying, targeting, and removing the criminal/insurgent/terrorist threats to Afghans and Coalition both.


How did you discover Hard Head Veterans, what made you want to buy?


I simply stumbled into the HHV website by chance. I'd experienced the benefits and advantages of the "FAST/High Cut" helmets during previous deployments. The only thing is that I was having a hard time justifying spending $1k Plus, to buy a ballistic helmet, when I was already issued one by the military.

After considerable time researching HHV's ATE, reviews, and (most importantly) the NIJ testing results, I decided to take a chance with HHV.... and haven't regretted it yet!!


How has Hard Head Veterans impacted or improved things at work or outside work? What were your first thoughts when you received our helmet?


The main "improvement" is the fact that when we're outside "the wire" in missions, and while everyone else stripping off their issues helmets, (to cool down, or get some relief from the weight); I simply leave mine on, because it's that comfortable. As a career cop, I've personally seen the tragic things which can occur when a person won't wear ballistic protection because "it's too uncomfortable" . When my ATE arrived, I will admit I was a bit concerned. I've got a pretty good size noggin, and the OEM retention system, didn't work for me (too tight). After ordering an aftermarket retention system upgrade (and later pads), I've never regretted this purchase! The best thing is that even after upgrading/adding retention system, pads, arc rails, and comtacs.....I'm still well below the base prices of the "High Dollar" guy's products (with a product which meets the same certification requirements).


Would you recommend the helmet to a friend?


I already have!! (repeatedly)


Anything else you would like to add, good or bad, improvements or other!


The only thing I want to ask the folks at HHV, is to Please keep doing what you are doing now!! Providing a quality life safety product, at a price that the average cop or service member can afford; and with excellent customer service throughout and after the purchase!!!

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